The State of the Union Is NOT Strong, Mr. President!

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Well, the state of the union is not as strong as I would like it to be. America is more divided and racist than ever. President Obama really believes in Americans more than we deserve. He’s like God with grace. I would have given up on Americans and humanity a long time ago if I had either of their power. Red phone. Asteroid. Just start over. Anyway…


I’m gonna miss him SOOOOOOO much.

I listened, with sadness and pride, to President Barack Obama’s last State of the Union Address. Presidents, off and on, since George Washington have delivered this address. I was beaming with pride because I am overall happy with President Obama’s accomplishments in keeping America safe, reestablishing our perceived power and influence abroad, making us finally seem less boorish internationally when other countries talk about us, not resorting to military action every time for every little thing, a good start at fixing the health care system, either boosting the economy or holding off a backlash that will happen in 2018 anyway, and amazingly getting stuff done despite a Congress controlled by a political party that is dead-set against him, even on things with which they propose and already agree!


The Republican Party for the last 7 years (if I’m honest, since 2001) has been the most petty and small-minded, butt-hurt and illogical political party ever in recent memory. Even the Democrats when Newt Gingrich was Speaker of the House weren’t this petty. Every. Little. Thing. that Obama wants or likes is ridiculed as being childish, not going far enough, or raises suspicions that he is really hurting America. Even Republicans were using the hashtag #LastSOTU on Twitter last night and they didn’t mean it as a tribute. They’re that petty now. Paul Ryan looked like he hadn’t had a bowel movement in days and was fighting back thoughts that toxins were ravaging his body.

PRyan Bored

Fix your face!

If you need further proof that it’s the Republicans doing this mostly, just look at their Presidential candidates. Compared to the Democratic candidates (who amazingly seem more focused on the issues and are not running a campaign as salacious as the Republicans this time around [I mean, it’s truly sad that the only way people get excited about Republicans is if they can see who can outdo Donald Trump with racism and xenophobia]), the Republican candidates have all said and done things to try and win over what the GOP says is a minority but is also amazingly their base at the same time (which doesn’t make sense. Your base is your core. It can’t be a minority of the party if it’s your core) – racists.



Very little said on the campaign trail is about actual solutions or plans. It’s just rhetoric to get people riled up about “what’s not working” with Obama’s America and how a GOP America will work, even though it ran us into Hell during the GW Bush years and we clawed our way back. I don’t want more of that, thank you very much. The same things were said after the President’s speech. I heard what he actually said. Republicans of course toed the line of “Obama’s hurting America” and they didn’t even clap for things like getting rid of cancer. How do you not want that? Just because Obama said it first?

That’s really how petty and small-minded you are, GOP? Really? You’re like toddlers who are only children. If you can’t have all the toys and be in charge, you don’t want to play with any toys or any other child. That’s not how you run a country!


By and large, Republicans, Americans don’t think highly of you as it is and they don’t like you. No matter how many people from the Minoriteam (who used to pass for white like Nikki Haley did when she was elected South Carolina governor, or who wishes against all hope that they were born white like Piyush Jindal in Louisiana) you trot out every State of the Union Address to show how hip, cool, and open you are, it doesn’t work. You have to have a culture change, and that takes longer than one or two election cycles. It should be a natural part of who you are, and you shouldn’t have to draw attention to it or how you’ve changed. It just…is.


Nikki Haley has never been this dark at any time in her tenure as South Carolina governor. I guess it’s en vogue to be openly whateverminorityyouare in the GOP. In 2015. Cutting edge stuff!

As long as you continue to offer safe harbor to racists and xenophobes in your party and not condemn or excise those running for your party’s Presidential nomination who are truly hurting America, you are actually the ones contributing to making the state of the union weak, not President Obama. You can get on board with progress or not. It’s your choice, but progress always wins in the end. If you’re not down with it, move out of the way or get trampled to death. Your move, GOP.

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