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As I said Monday, the 2016 Election the worst Presidential Election since Cain lost the election of God’s favorite grandchild to Abel. I just don’t know what I will do, honestly. I’m not motivated by any of the candidates. I got to thinking the other day about how different it was for me in 2008 and 2012. On the GOP side we had someone who would be my fantasy contender for a Republican nomination. If Republicans were not notorious these days as war-mongers who run up deficits and burden the country with blood and debts for oil money, I would be willing to give in to some of their ideas. If Republicans did not set out from Day 0 of President Barack Obama’s presidency to obstruct him at every turn, even for stuff they wanted, I would be willing to give in to some of their ideas. But the party is currently lost in racial hatred and demagoguery and like saner Americans, I don’t have the time for such foolishness and neither should you.


I just…like…I…why US, Lawd?!

If Republicans were decent people (as a party) in 2016, I would be excited for a fantasy candidate to be taken seriously because he would have given Barack Obama a run for his money in 2012. I’m just afraid that he would have voted in lockstep with the crazy direction the party started taking in 2001. Maybe not because he seems principled, but Jon Huntsman would have seriously held my attention. I don’t think he would have gotten my vote over Obama, but man, Obama would have had a FIIIIIIIIIIIGHT to get back into the White House. Jon Huntsman’s positions mostly seem reasonable to me and he said he would have been willing to work with President Obama. He seemed very realistic. Romney played to the crazies to win the nomination and center to win the Presidency without realizing that the most ardent Republicans these days are the most vocal of American idiots.


Jon Huntsman. Too sensible for a party driven by lunacy.

#Huntsman2016 could have been great, man. But there’s NO WAY it would happen now with Trump exploiting racist people’s anger and turning it into a path to the nomination, puzzling Republicans as to how this could happen. Um…you guys have demonized Barack Obama as a Muslim, Atheist, Nazi, Fascist, secretly gay demon from hell, and the Antichrist. And you did it purposefully to gin up anger in racists knowing that it would make them more rabidly opposed to President Obama, but you didn’t expect that it would turn into the destruction of your party’s remaining withered morality.


As for the Democrats…the weak-back-boned Democrats. I’ll just say that neither Hillary nor Bernie excite me right now. Hillary’s policies and past are problematic for me. Bernie’s tax plan will never get past any Congress, Democratic or Republican, even if said Congress was full of nothing but Emily’s List legislators. I love the plan, though. It’s good to have dreams. Bernie is problematic for me in how he’s running his campaign and how utterly horrible, sexist (male and female), misogynistic (male and female), racist, and paternally condescending a lot of his vocal supporters are. And he’s only told them to cut it out ONCE. Hillary keeps reminding everyone to keep it civil and that the nominee-hopefuls are in charge of setting the tone of the campaigns.

So, who would excite me this year as a Democratic candidate? Besides Barack Obama getting a third term, I am in favor of Joe Biden. I really wish he’d have chosen to run. I was disappointed when he decided not to run. I respect his decision, but I don’t agree with it.



I don’t have the candidates of my dreams this year, and that’s okay…well, no it’s not, but I’m experienced enough by now to work within whatever situation I find myself to learn how to be content and make the best of a bad situation. For whom are you voting? (Only one Bernie Sanders stanning comment allowed.)

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  1. Laughlin girl says:

    Well! It seems this entire campaign is one big circus. The clown being Bozo Trump… No matter
    I refuse to lose a chance to vote, too many of my people were bloodied, hung, burned or just trashed for us to have a chance to vote. I came thru the sixties( first hand witness)…so yes I am going to vote and since I am a democrat, not for Bernie so guess who for?

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