Religious Liberty Laws: A Crock Sham of Bull Hockey

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Hey, Religious Liberty Laws Loving Christians, Hey.

Yet again you’re pissing me off. I wish we could be all on one accord these days, but the way politics and religion mixing is set up, that can never happen. From things like 50% of believers celebrating marriage equality last year at the Supreme Court of the United States and the other 50% wondering why the first group was happy over Satan entrenching himself deeper into our collective subconscious. At least that’s what it felt like I was being accused of doing.


To counteract all this rebuilding of Sodom and Gomorrah going on in America, fear-based and sanctimonious Christians latched onto politicians who claim to endorse family values and have sex with everyone but their spouses and asked them to create laws that protect their “religious liberty” to discriminate against lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgender people. The only liberty I like to see Christians fighting for is the liberty that comes from being a believer. This means not relying on laws for the work of winning souls. How Christians think their votes and vocal political stances can be divorced from how they treat people always astounds me. People see how you act more than what you say.

If indeed you’re not supposed to be fearful, why are you afraid of every little thing that challenges your comfort? It’s understandable that no one likes to be rocked from safety, but let’s get a grip. Nothing that you’re doing is reflective of telling the Good News toward LGBT people. If you think you are, please tell me how you’re meeting people where they are and meeting their needs?


These laws are far more insidious than they appear. It’s more than a trans person using the bathroom that corresponds to their gender identity and I know of NO trans person who has raped anyone or stalked women in their bathrooms. Furthermore you’ve already likely shared a public bathroom with a trans person and a rapist and came out okay each time. However, your trusted uncle, father, mother, cousin, aunt, sibling, or step-relative molested or raped you while wearing clothing that corresponded to their birth gender. So, who is the real threat here?

These laws make it legal to call, treat, and discriminate against a gay or trans person out of their name and treat them like crap and they can’t sue for any damages. This is bigger than a bakery not wanting to provide a cake at a wedding or protecting a bully from calling a little effeminate boy a faggot and telling him that life isn’t fair and he should learn that lesson now.
Ostensibly, this is done in the name of Christian values and Christianity but I want nothing to do with that type of Jesus or Christianity. I would like it politicians would stop slandering my Savior’s name just to score political points in the name of “American values,” which also included slavery, segregation, internment camps, and illegal arms deals at one point.

Nothing about this process and laws is Christian or loving and it harms the witness of those who actually treat others not like them in love, even if you disagree with how they’re living. I shouldn’t have unsaved friends tell me that they listen to me when I talk about Jesus because it seems authentic and real for me because I love them unconditionally versus other Christians (who support laws like this) who “are just so hate-filled,” hypocritical, closed-minded, and idiotic. That breaks my heart. We are one in Christ but like ten different groups in practice.


We actually think that fighting people with laws will change anything. That IS stupid and idiotic and hate-filled. All that does is apply a band-aid and regulate behavior when hearts are hurting. You can’t change lives with laws. Jesus never changed one life with a law in his ministry. He came for hearts in love and peace and being above confusion and the fray. When did fighting spiritual warfare become targeting the least of these to make yourself feel better and “above” them? Yet we claim to be attacked all the time for our faith. Sometimes we’re buffoons and jackasses and the criticisms are valid and deserved. People are hurting because of this legislation and Christians are happy because they won’t be sued for saying and doing hurtful things to people they think are disgusting.

Bye to all of that. You say you love but love don’t live here anymore. You say it’s about religious liberty but hate the idea of Sharia law having a place in America, but that should fall under religious liberty. So, I attack your support of these laws because you’re using these laws and your energy as a cover for protecting Christianity and America isn’t a Christian nation. Stop being lazy in your faith by hiding behind laws like they actually do your witness any good.
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