Here Lies the United States of America (1789-2017), Killed by Donald Trump

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U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump addresses the crowd at the South Carolina African American Chamber of Commerce in North Charleston, South Carolina, September 23, 2015.  REUTERS/Randall Hill      TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

What the hell, America?!

Donald Trump will be the presumptive Republican nominee by 5p today when the only other candidate in the GOP field, John Kasich, drops out of the race with a statement he plans to make. Ted Cruz dropped out last night.

Donald Trump is also reportedly looking at Newt Gingrich to be his VP because he wants someone who has a good relationship with Republicans in Congress who knows how to propose legislation to get what he wants done.



Donald Trump proposes building a Berlin-esque Wall between Mexico and the United States to keep out all those nasty “illegals” who are running up into America from Mexico and Guatemala (never mind that I know of several people from majority white countries like Canada who have been here for years illegally because they intentionally overstayed on their tourist visas) and says that he will convince Mexico to pay for it. Donald Trump also called Mexicans murderers and rapists.

Ain't that about a b....?

Donald Trump has been the poster child for white racist angst as well as people who feel their preferential treatment and ability to be heard first and last on every single issue as a white person is under threat during the Obama years due to unprecedented racial and gender equality in high government positions. They’re used to being paid attention to and a lot of folks aren’t doing that now when they say ignorant things and I know a few people who feel personally offended over it. “My opinion on race matters and I should be heard!” Yeah, we heard you. We just don’t agree and aren’t talking to you about it anymore. That doesn’t mean we hate you, it’s just that you’re ignorant on the experience of minorities in this country when it comes to a lot of things and you’re pretty vocal about it. And we’re tired of catering to it. Either grow or shut up.

I’m not saying that you’re racist if you support Donald Trump. I’m just saying that you might want to introspect on it because racism might be there and pretty deeply rooted. I’m not being jocular, either. Seriously, sit with that. Ask yourself why it makes you more comfortable to have a man as POTUS who has been reported as actively pursuing your vote because it will make you feel more comfortable as an American who is afraid of losing real or perceived influence in the country simply based on your race. 



Donald Trump has also been the poster child for people who don’t read or think critically anymore. He’s the poster idiot heir for people who are afraid of everyone who doesn’t look like them. He’s the poster jackass for people who feel that his “at least he tried” attempts and failures at BUSINESS qualifies him to run a COUNTRY and GOVERNMENT when the two are rather mutually exclusive.

America’s school ratings are abysmal worldwide. All this noise about the U.S. being #1, but our kids are average. We seem to be churning out more and more idiots in our schools every day, as evidenced by 10% of college graduates (!!!!!) who believe Judge Judy is a Supreme Court Justice. (Morons!) Now those idiots are turning 18-25 and voting, never having read about other cultures or people (by authors from said cultures and people) or been anywhere outside of their state or country except to Canadian and Mexican border towns, if that.


These idiots then joined the GOP and got mad that the GOP couldn’t stop Obama simply because he’s black and now are falling behind Trump, who is “an outsider” who used to be a Democrat and is currently a pro-choice chameleon Republican parselmouth. He’s New York’s embarrassment gone national and is a few weeks away from receiving classified intelligence briefings, which he will undoubtedly blab about during an interview, tweet, or national debate.


I hope and pray that smart people vote against Trump in November (by that, I mean for Hillary because a vote for Jill Stein or writing in Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders is a vote for Trump) because if you don’t, America, and God chooses to place that buffoon in office as President, let’s just plan the funeral for America (1789-2017). Rest in all the hell that comes from being so stupid, small-minded, bigoted, sexist, and racist, America – if you let that happen – because you more than deserve it at that point.

Donald Trump doesn’t love America. Donald Trump loves Donald Trump and you’re feeding into his massive ego and helped him beat out all those qualified Republicans. Really? Americans, you disgust me.


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