Why American Christians Deserve To Be Cussed Out Over the Orlando Massacre – Part 2

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From Part 1:

I’ve seen Christians say they’re afraid to say anything publicly (about the Orlando massacre) because they keep getting backlash from the LGBTQIA community telling them that their prayers and well-wishes aren’t wanted. It makes them feel angry and bad and “How dare they say that to me?! They’re being too emotional now and stupid! I’m trying to help!”

This is why you’re not helping:

1. You, yes you, Christian, have spent your ENTIRE salvation experience doing nothing but beating up on people who don’t live as an exact match to you, whether it be people who smoke, play the lottery, drink alcohol, or are gay, lesbian, or bisexual (I won’t get into how you treat people who are trans because you’ve proven you’re way too ignorant and, yes, even stupid on trans issues). You’re dumb.

2. You’ve told gay people that they’re going straight to Hell for being gay and erroneously cite a story in Genesis as proof of judgment for homosexual acts when Ezekiel stated that Sodom was destroyed because of pride and selfishness, or you cite the verse in I Corinthians that the NIV translates as “homosexual offenders” when the Greek term referred more to temple prostitution and pederasty, oh, and Paul also made up a word to define what you seem to call homosexuality, which wasn’t a word until the 1800s. You ignore the other verses in the passage that make clear that Paul is referencing Christians settling disputes in secular court instead of with each other because he lists everyone on earth as a sinner bound for hell, then you turn around and ignore the part after that verse where he says, “That is what you once were, but that is not your fate now that you have been redeemed.” You miss the chance to show and tell others of Jesus’ redemptive work because you’re too busy telling them that they’re not like you enough to “deserve” Heaven, like your trifling ass could get there on your own without Jesus. You’re disgusting!

3. You whine, rail, bemoan, tear sackcloth, and cover yourself in ashes when marriage equality passes the Supreme Court, and somehow do the same embodying a spirit of fear (which is unbiblical, by the way) in clinging to your guns harder than you cling to anything about Jesus, and dare the scary black man in the White House to try and take your guns away, because you totally have a legitimate need for an assault rifle to protect your family from an intruder when your nearest neighbor is a half-mile away and the most recent crime committed in your area was twelve years ago…and it was shoplifting. You’re pathetic.

4. You’ve regarded gay people as things you wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole. Shut up! You have said that! I’ve heard you firsthand. You think of gay people as “icky”. You reduce us to a sex act. You dehumanize us all the time and now you’re mad that you’re being dehumanized and turned into monsters in return? You. Deserve. This. You’ve fallen away so far from what matters in the Gospel. You’re so concerned with truth that you start spouting and believing lies. You start acting like and thinking that no one deserves grace, love, mercy, or God’s favor or goodness but you because ain’t nobody saved but you. You’re Pharisees.


This post is my Hot Sauce. The Church is the focus of my ire.

You deserve every bit of the invective hurled at you over your hypocritical response to the Orlando shooting. You deserve to be called out for your double-mindedness. You deserve to have whatever goodwill you’ve engendered to children in Africa while children in America go unfed and uncared for forgotten for a few days while you get this work from the LGBT community.

Take it in.
Suck it up.
Swallow it down.
What a jagged little pill.

And don’t throw it back up! Digest that thing. Let it move you. Hopefully the crap you’ve believed all this time and shown through your actions comes out the other end to be flushed away and forgotten.

Part 3 is what else you can do to make this better for yourselves and the people you’ve crapped on your entire “saved” life.

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