Why American Christians Deserve To Be Cussed Out Over the Orlando Massacre – Part 3

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Please read Part 1 and Part 2 before reading this part. Thank you.

From Part 2:

You deserve every bit of the invective hurled at you over your hypocritical response to the [Orlando massacre]. You deserve to be called out for your phoniness. You deserve to have whatever goodwill you’ve engendered to children in Africa while children in America go unfed and uncared for forgotten for a few days while you get this work from the LGBT community.

Take it in.
Suck it up.
Swallow it down.
What a jagged little pill.

And don’t throw it back up. Digest that thing. Let it move you. Hopefully the crap you’ve believed all this time and shown through your actions comes out the other end to be flushed away and forgotten. 


Then you can do the following:

1. Stop whining.

2. Actually listen to LGBT people in their pain. We’re hurting. We were targeted. This has NOTHING to do with the gun problem in American and EVERYTHING to do with the gun problem in America. It’s multi-layered and multi-faceted, but at the forefront (before any “human tragedy” label you want to apply to this) is the FACT that people were targeted simply because they were gay.

3. Stop saying gays aren’t special or unique in this just because an internalized homophobe attacked gay people and his actions agree with your ideology about gay people. I know it’s hard to accept that, but this is a legitimate outcome to your mindset. OWN IT, JERKS.

4. Take this “L” and move ahead. Actually get to know gay people without constantly reminding them that “I don’t agree with your lifestyle…” because, really, jackass, nobody asked you. Or cares. We’re still gonna get married, raise more-than-likely straight children, and disinvite you to our fabulous kids’ parties once we catch wind that you “don’t agree with [our] lifestyle.” I don’t agree with all the sex you’ve been having around town and risking having kids that you won’t take care of, but I let you live. Let us live.

5. Make clear what exactly the gay “lifestyle” is. None of you have been able to answer that question for me, like, EVER. Is it the sex? Is it the clubbing or bar-hopping? Is it watching Netflix and falling asleep cuddled up? Is it having someone to look for you first in a crowded room or having someone happy that you made it home safely? Is it a companion who is also a friend, helper, and lover? Is it being able to be fired in many states for simply being gay? What is the gay lifestyle? You keep speaking out against it but never have the balls or ovaries to define it. Is it because you often just quote things out of context without relevance like God’s Holy Word?

6. Stop publicly sharing that you’re praying for the victims’ loved ones. We don’t need your prayers when you’ve lived a life full of hellfire directed toward LGBT people. They’re not sincere. You need to pray that your heart changes through this. You can join a protest or vigil, though, quietly. You didn’t care before and you looked at gay clubs as a place of ill repute, even though gays had nowhere to go after you kicked them out of your churches, so why do you suddenly care now? Why did people have to die for you to finally act right? You’re pathetic!

7. Do better moving forward. This is bigger than bakeries taking a stupid stance. This is bigger than a fight over trans people using the bathroom that corresponds to their practiced gender. This is bigger than two men wanting to adopt 4 at-risk kids that you don’t give a damn about or can’t adopt. These are lives snuffed out due to hate. Hate that too often mirrors what you say about this disenfranchised group.


And I’m fed up with the whole lot of you. As much as you hate gay people and don’t want to admit that some gays are Christians and some gay Christians have left God, the church, and religion itself over how they were treated by you poorest excuses of love ever designed (Christians), gays hate that you can’t get it together to practice the love they read about in the Bible.

You’re on the wrong side of history and splitting the body of Christ over PEOPLE. People aren’t things or issues. People are people. It’s high time you’ve realized it and started acting like it, Christians.

Love and light to those 14 or so Christians who have been acting right about LGBT people all this time or learned how to act right. No, I’m not talking about you. You’re still an awful example of unconditional love in Jesus. Stop wallowing in self-pity and get up and work on it already.



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