Why American Christians Deserve To Be Cussed Out Over the Orlando Massacre – Part 1

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At 2 a.m. on Sunday June 12, 2016, Omar Mateen started a shootout at Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. He killed 49 people. It was Latin night. The bodies are mostly brown and some are black. Mateen himself is an American of Afghani descent. He had a wife and son and apparently was a frequenter of Pulse, as some survivors said they recognized him from previous times and he used to get plastered at the club when he came out, and one time was kicked out by security for being belligerently drunk. He also had a profile on Jackd, a gay hookup app.

Omar Mateen sounds like he wasn’t able to own his homosexuality or bisexuality and took it out on the people who welcomed him without judgment. His home life was another story. The greatest mass shooting on American soil is the Orlando massacre and it happened to gay people because they were gay. Forty-nine people were killed and 53 shot because of sexual orientation targeting. More could have died in Los Angeles if that white Indiana man had not been stopped by cops with his car full of explosives and ammunition. (Strange how you don’t hear much about him or his plans because he is surely just a mentally disturbed lone wolf and doesn’t represent an entire race or culture, unlike Mateen.)


I’ve seen right-wing conservatives and Christian conservatives post on social media and in the news about how heartbroken they are over this tragedy. They’ve blamed radical Islam because the shooter pledged his allegiance to the Islamic State and they claimed responsibility for this tragedy, even though this was not a coordinated attack. They’ve lessened the sting of the event by saying it’s an overall human tragedy and gay people aren’t special this time just because they were targeted – “It could have been anyone.” No, ho, it couldn’t have been anyone. It WAS gay people because they were gay. Otherwise, there are plenty of other places in Orlando that are populated with people at that time of night that he could have chosen, but he didn’t.

I’ve seen Christians from Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick to kindly dangerous-minded Southerners and a totally-closeted California pastor (who wants to be rogered by two men at the same time SO BAD) post and preach that while they’re praying for the victims’ loved ones, God just simply exacted judgment against the homosexual lifestyle through Omar Mateen because gay people are sinful cesspools of filth and immorality bringing down America, and this country needs to turn back to God (whatever that means) before we all wind up dead like this, or they’re just sad that more gay people didn’t die.


I’ve seen Christians say they’re afraid to say anything publicly because they keep getting backlash from the LGBTQIA community telling them that their prayers and well-wishes aren’t wanted. It makes them feel angry and bad and “How dare they say that to me?! They’re being too emotional now and stupid! I’m trying to help!”

Part 2 will be how you’re actually not helping.

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