Milo Yiannoyingpoulos: Tired & Tiresome Stunt Queen

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In the news recently there has been stirring of all things annoying and gay surrounding Milo Yiannoyingpoulos, a trifling and tired stunt queen who is conservative and looks like he’s constantly trying to make his points while high on GHB. He also dresses like he’s leaving wherever he is to go to a circuit party before getting plowed like freshly fallen snow while surrounded by “snow”. The latest thing with Milo Yiannopoulos wasn’t his getting banned from college campuses peddling his version of “free speech” which amounts to nothing more than fighting for the right to insult people and tear down their basic humanity and sic tons of followers on them, targeting their victims with endless invective and harassment. They did it to Leslie Jones and she had to endure so much of it before Twitter did anything about it to ban Milo for life from the site.

No, the latest thing isn’t his ability to pick on people who are just minding their own business. It’s not his brand of conservatism showing who current conservatives actually are by spouting hateful rhetoric toward anyone who isn’t a straight white man. It’s not about him using his gayness to say he can’t be bigoted because he’s in a minority (without admitting he’s still a white man of means who can exist as a gay one because when you’re of a certain means, race, and even height, that small thing doesn’t matter as much when there’s access, power, and influence involved). It’s not even about his penchant for wearing pearls in conspicuous places. It’s because conservatives FINALLY admitted that Milo is disturbing AF. Sadly, they could have admitted this a long time ago, but they wanted someone gay on their side that they could look to as an example to show the Liberal Left that they’re not homophobic as they’re often (rightfully) accused of being. But alas, they waited until they found something they couldn’t tolerate anymore. Milo advocated for inappropriate man-boy molestation/rape relationships.

She’s a hot mess, basically.

While this video of him advocating for 13 year old boys to have sexual experiences with grown, old-ass men has been around for quite some time, it was always the “Liberals” who were trying to stifle Milo’s free speech when it was brought up. I don’t know what made conservatives finally kick him out, but I’m glad it happened and that they have a limit. Apparently it’s pubescent boys. Who knew? Heck, little kids dying in Newtown, Connecticut, wasn’t enough to make them take a look at themselves and…come to think of it, they won’t now either. They’ll say this is a “purge” and won’t look at how they sound, so I guess it’s good that he’s out (for now…these parasites don’t stay away for long) and there is a thin sliver of decency left on the Political Right. I was beginning to worry. I guess they don’t like the idea of being associated with someone who advocates for man-boy love.

Yes, this is an organization that exists and they’re as disgusting as you think.

I just wish it didn’t take this much to get here. Why wasn’t anything said on the Right about him for GamerGate? Why wasn’t anything said about him over Leslie Jones? Why didn’t they listen when Roxane Gay called him out on all his ish back then? It seems as if women, and minority women, don’t matter to the Right as much as the thought of little white boys who grow up to be white men. Just saying how it looks to me. If all lives matter, then Milo would have been shut down ages ago.

Your ability to be mean to others and intentionally hurt their feelings and tear down their basic humanity might be a part of freedom of speech but the consequences you suffer from it is not an attack on that freedom. It’s people getting tired of your crap, being fed up with it, and refusing to tolerate any more of it. So, Milo lost big this week. I’m sure someone will take him on sooner than later. If there’s one thing a tall white man of means (even one who is gay) does well is exercise the ability to always land on his feet in America. Milo will be back and somehow be worse than before.

But for now, let’s just take and enjoy this W.


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