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I’m seeing Conservative Christians against Black Lives Matter because one of the founders identifies as Marxist and allegedly two of them invoked a “spirit” to guide them and that’s called demonic and the organization shouldn’t be supported.

It’s even affecting Black people, especially Black men. Then, I’m being told that anger isn’t the answer but love is; don’t give into the anger; take the high road and show people the love of Jesus. All of that is white supremacist language meant to keep me in my place.

Why do I say that?

1. If BLM was founded by Black men, Black men wouldn’t have a problem with BLM. The fact that they have a platform that says they “attack the notion of a nuclear family led by a man” and you don’t hold accountable the men that don’t raise their kids (more are doing it and younger Black men are being better at it than some of the older ones) which brought them to that point is disingenuous. Especially when so many of you, even with a father in the home and in your life, benefitted from having community support in addition to your family.

2. Is their invoking a spirit (which I don’t agree with) different than supporting people who say greed is good and politicians who seek to rob from the people to enrich themselves? At least they’re fighting for the cause of justice. The people you support are for selfish greed. Greed is a sin; infact, it’s one of 7 sins God specifically says He hates.

3. All my life I’ve been told by white Christians that racism wasn’t real, that a few Black celebrities is proof that racism was a thing of the past, and that anything culturally Black was inferior to white culture. For a little while, I believed it. It’s easy to do that when all your friends are white and you assimilate to survive but I’m glad for HBCUs that awakened me. Y’all aren’t better than anyone else. Saying that I have to show people the love of Jesus and that will change them.It’s always on my black self and mentality to make you feel better.

It’s never on you to start a movement to stop racism – because you benefit from it and you want the cops around to keep minorities and the poor at bay or brutalized. It helps you believe in the lie of America and its justice system as a country that is for everyone. So, if BLM is Marxist and “demonic,” and if Black people need to show the love of Jesus (and not the justice? How can we fully show Jesus without justice?) and not be angry enough to say we’ve had enough and you will listen to us and we will fight until you yield, what the **** are y’all doing instead?

No, conservatives Christians, tell me what are you doing? Where have your organizations devoted to racial justice been? You go to Africa to feel good about yourselves but don’t do shit for the Black people at home. You don’t want to give of yourselves to risk your “status” to do anything meaningful because your status is everything. You say you love Jesus but you love being white or white adjacent in church and hate people who don’t look like you.

My proof is that ever since Jim Crow was law, you never once led a movement to say it was wrong. You let George Zimmerman live in peace and blame BLM for not being male-led or heterosexual male white-centered and use that as yet another excuse to not support the cause of justice. Yet you’re lost and claim you’re being attacked while people call you out on your mess.

The Satanic Temple is growing largely due to fundamental Christian lunacy in laws that hinder people from having liberty. People are turning away from you and turning to witchcraft, crystals, and other gods. It is not because Satan is influencing them. It’s because you forgot that you don’t war against flesh and blood, but against powers and dark rulers in invisible high places.

You turned this into a fight against anyone who makes you uncomfortable in your status and are quickly losing ground and influence. You could have won the fight for racial justice but chose to be racist.

You don’t have the creativity, musical talent, original choreography, seasoned foods, or washcloths to keep advertising yourselves as interesting for much longer. It’s tragic. You could have been great but you chose to be as bad as the KKK without the hoods.

We’re angry. God is too. Why else do you think the country is burning and being washed away?

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