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Why American Christians Deserve To Be Cussed Out Over the Orlando Massacre – Part 3

You’re on the wrong side of history and splitting the body of Christ over PEOPLE. People aren’t things or issues. People are people. It’s high time you’ve realized it and started acting like it, Christians.

Christianity Gay

Why American Christians Deserve To Be Cussed Out Over the Orlando Massacre – Part 2

Christians deserve every bit of the invective hurled at you over your hypocritical response to the Orlando shooting. You deserve to be called out for your double-mindedness. You deserve to have whatever goodwill you’ve engendered to children in Africa while children in America go unfed and uncared for forgotten for a few days while you get this work from the LGBT community.

Christianity Gay

Why American Christians Deserve To Be Cussed Out Over the Orlando Massacre – Part 1

It WAS gay people because they were gay. Otherwise, there are plenty of other places in Orlando that are populated with people at that time of night that he could have chosen, but he didn’t.


5 Questions About Queen Esther

While at Bible Study the other night, we were talking about “Bad Girls of the Bible” and listed the names of some “bad girls” from the Bible (women who didn’t always act right)…and for some reason Esther came up.

Christianity Gay Politics

Religious Liberty Laws: A Crock Sham of Bull Hockey

I attack your support of these laws because you’re using these laws and your energy as a cover for protecting Christianity and America isn’t a Christian nation. Stop being lazy in your faith by hiding behind laws like they actually do your witness any good.

Christianity Politics

I Don’t Like Christian(s)

It’s really sad that the possible slanderous name that ancient Antioch believers turned into a badge of honor is being used as originally intended today in America.

Christianity Politics

The Unbearable White Supremacy of Evangelical Christian Beings

Many an American evangelical Christian of every race doesn’t even realize they look down on anyone who isn’t white or anyone who doesn’t hold white culture as the ideal culture and identity. If they did, they would be way more compassionate toward others who don’t look or act like them. They would not support a candidate like Donald Trump who is in this for his own vainglorious validation.

Christianity Conservatives

Like Lambs to the Slaughter: Conservative Christians

Comporting with the lie that America is a Christian nation founded by men who loved Jesus so much that they simply had to keep slaves and build the nation on their backs, blood, and bones while forcing those heathen Native Americans to live elsewhere because they were in the white man’s way, these people wind up doing things I don’t understand.


The God Dilemma

Jesus himself said that God allows sun and rain to shine and fall on the good and the evil. Does this mean God isn’t real or doesn’t know what He’s doing? No. Not at all. I’ve never met or heard of a God more gracious, understanding, and loving than God.


The Wrong Christian Response to Racism

You don’t get to say that something is a “sin problem” just to absolve yourself of any culpability in the mess in which you actually live (but don’t want to admit that you live there). That’s the equivalent of blaming someone else for something you did wrong.

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