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Betsy DeVos: Tragic, Trash, Obtuse, & The Standard

HBCUs didn’t simply start because of unequal access to education. It was unequal because people were denied attending because of the color of their skin. To not say that first and foremost is whitewashing history to absolve your conservative ideology of any historical wrongdoing.

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The I-G-G-Y Should Not Use “N-I-G-G-A”

While you whine about how it’s not fair, may I remind you that slavery, racism, Jim Crow, and how your ancestors swindled the Australian Aborigines out of their land and homes wasn’t fair either.

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Katy Perry’s Seppuku

Basically, when it’s done in a way that uses the culture or race as a prop more than letting the people be people, that’s when you’re wrong and need to take a seat and hear about how you’re wrong. We can’t have this conversation when you’re accused of being wrong and you yell your way out of the room telling everyone how hypersensitive they are.

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The Week-Long Day: Sunday & Monday (Feat. P!nk)

Before I get into my post about what a Thanksgiving when I “make it” would look like (Lord willing), let me just say that I

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