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Angry Black Man

You forgot that you don’t war against flesh and blood, but against powers and dark rulers in invisible high places.

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Justice For (some) White Gays

I tell you how to choose the best white gay man for dating interracially. Don’t bother trying to figure out how I know what I know.

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Botham Jean’s Brother Forgave Botham’s Killer

I am also fine with Brandt’s choice to forgive Botham Jean’s murderer. That is Jesus in 2019 for ya. No, for real. That’s the Jesus that Jesus was/is. I just wish it did not come at the expense of black people being the sacrificial lambs yet again on the altar of human decency and getting nothing in return.

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Betsy DeVos: Tragic, Trash, Obtuse, & The Standard

HBCUs didn’t simply start because of unequal access to education. It was unequal because people were denied attending because of the color of their skin. To not say that first and foremost is whitewashing history to absolve your conservative ideology of any historical wrongdoing.

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Here Lies the United States of America (1789-2017), Killed by Donald Trump

Ask yourself why it makes you more comfortable to have a man as POTUS who has been reported as actively pursuing your vote because it will make you feel more comfortable as an American who is afraid of losing real or perceived influence in the country simply based on your race.

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If #AllLivesMatter, Then Why…?

If all lives truly mattered, why are we “here”?

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Bruce Jenner, Caitlyn Jenner, and Mike Huckabee Walk Into a Bar…

Mike Huckabee has a lot to learn about Trans people and issues and he’s not alone. It would be better, however, if he wouldn’t show his discomfort in the form of “jokes” that are simply unfunny hate speech coming from a man whose Savior lovingly and graciously commands him to be kind to everyone, tenderhearted, and forgiving, and love others as he loves himself.

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Harriet Tubman Wins $20 Bill Poll

It’s past time for women to be recognized officially as Americans as many are indeed important parts of American history. As for Harriet Tubman, slavery happened. Stop trying to shy away from that reality and celebrate the strength and honor that came out of it with a story like Harriet’s.

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Someone Said That I Hate White People…

I am not going to shy away from painful and hard conversations about racial inequality in America and America’s constant need to uphold white supremacy above all things. I am not here to make you more comfortable talking about race by not showing my anger in discussing it. I do not feel sorry that it makes you uncomfortable or scared. I’m trying to live.

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Idiotic Indiana

If this is where American Christianity is headed, I want to start an underground cult without y’all. Because this doesn’t look like any love for Jesus or of Jesus that I want to be a part of. Y’all can have it.

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