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Episode 53 | Obama’s Big Black Christianity

Y’all have been making news and upsetting me without me being able to offer my opinions! So, here they are!

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Sorority Sisters Got Canceled and I Am Not Happy

How is it just now an embarrassment? How is something on the micro level worse than how you’ve been portrayed on the macro level for years?

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Episode 52 | We Can’t Breathe

This is my take on race relations in the U.S. in the lens of the decision to not indict Eric Garner’s killer, even though the coroner ruled the death a homicide and said the cause of death was external pressure applied to Garner’s chest and neck, preventing breathing.

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Ferguson and Healing America’s Race Problem

We have an opportunity now to move forward, but we won’t get “there” until we embrace race in America, with all the good and bad that comes with it. It’s unpleasant at times and everyone has to look at where accusations of racism have been wrong and right on all sides, but we can do this. I know we can.

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What Heathcliff Huxtable, the Jell-O Man, and Ghost Dad Have in Common

The problem is that we often associate entertainers as their characters or as they appear to be while at work (on camera, on stage, on YouTube, etc.) as who they actually are. Fewer people know them in real life versus the rest of the world knowing them through their work, just like us.

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Side-Eyeing Daniele Watts

Daniele Watts, a black actress who was in Django Unchained, was recently detained by police officers in Los Angeles (Studio City) and wrote a Facebook message about it alleging that the cops thought she was a prostitute simply because she was with a white man. But on the 8th day, God made TMZ and the truth.

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Ray Rice Knocked Out His Wife & Got Away With It

I hope the NFL pushes the Ravens to get rid of Ray Rice. I was disappointed that my Ravens lost yesterday to the Cincinnati Bengals, of all teams, and I hope they know that ‘til they do right by Janay and other domestic violence victims, every Super Bowl thing they think about gon’ fail.

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Dear Nicki Minaj

I watched the last half of the BET Awards last night and thought the production values were very good. Nicki Minaj won the Best Female Rapper award for the 5th time last night and accepted the award like Iggy Azalea sat on her throne of swords and declared war on all things Minaj. It was highly unprofessional, out-of-pocket, and uncalled for.

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Jeremy Meeks Is a Sexy Felon & Men Can’t Stand It

Men are some of the most butt-hurt creations that God has ever assembled. Don’t ever let a man tell you that he is master of his emotions and that nothing gets him down or upset. Point out the recent outrage over women (and certain men) all over the world on the Internet fawning over Jeremy Meeks of Stockton, California.

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In (Weak) Defense of “Secret”

I downloaded the app, Secret, out of morbid curiosity. It’s largely been SO boring. I WANT JUICE! I WANT SALACIOUS SCOOPS! But nawl.

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