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Megyn Kelly: Jesus Was White

Is Megyn ignorant or dumb? Stupid or obtuse? I didn’t know that people still thought this way. Jesus was not white and Moses did not look like Charlton Heston.

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Right-Wing Respectability (RIP Nelson Mandela)

These right-wingers called Mandela racist, insinuated that Apartheid wasn’t that bad and not racist, and said Mandela should have rotted in jail. How can you call someone racist who was oppressed under a racist national policy? Yes, he targeted white people who were oppressing the majority over which they ruled and denied rights. BECAUSE THEY WERE THE OPPRESSORS. What is with this revisionist history of white people in South Africa who just showed up peacefully one day and legally purchased land from the inhabitants and lived in peace, until one day the natives turned on them? Stop that. Now.

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Katy Perry’s Seppuku

Basically, when it’s done in a way that uses the culture or race as a prop more than letting the people be people, that’s when you’re wrong and need to take a seat and hear about how you’re wrong. We can’t have this conversation when you’re accused of being wrong and you yell your way out of the room telling everyone how hypersensitive they are.

Scandal - Keene Point of View
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Friday News Wrap-up

Since there is no video this week, let me just write what I was going to include in the show. Anyone know how to use iMovie 10? It won’t play sound when scrolling over the clips when trying to make a new movie.

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Dear White (and Black!) Americans Who Don’t “Get” Race/ Racism – Halloween Edition

For those who don’t understand, blackface has roots in the minstrel show, which was when white people would put on black face and depict black people as happy-go-lucky, blundering, idiotic, buffoonish caricatures who always had a happy song o’ cheer on their lips, no matter how hard life was for them. Do you get it? Black people were things and not people. This is what you’re subconsciously doing to us again – you’re making us things and not people while you get to go home, take off the makeup, and return to being a full 100% human being.

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Episode 39 | Easy “A”: Is Public Gay Sex Art?

Happy Friday! This week I am talking about how a blog called Gay Christian Movement Watch is out for B. Slade (gospel artist formerly known

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Obamacare Website: Shut UP, America!

Listen, I’ve worked for years on government systems and let me tell you, if America is going to freak out over every system not working that supports the government and its citizens, then nothing government-related would ever work. Are you kidding me? Do you people know nothing about system implementations?

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Trayon Christian: Good Ol’ Manhattan Racism

The more I hear about racism still occurring in 2013, the less I’m as shocked as some other people. “I can’t believe this is still

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Episode 38 | Advice About Threesomes

This week, yes, there is talk about threesomes and open relationships, but FIRST, in Christian news, I talk about a House stenographer who went off about how America isn’t one nation under God because of its founding by the Freemasons, which totally means that Satan runs things in this country…like we didn’t already know that. HAIL, ILLUMINATI!

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Episode 37 | Scandal BACK!

Happy Friday! This week: “Scandal” is back for their 3rd season and the episode ended in typical “GASP!” fashion. A father disowns his daughter over her disowning her gay son. Christians in Congress need to stop claiming Jesus while engaged in a Federal government shutdown. As for the shutdown, I basically let Republicans know how they go stuck between a rock and a hard place. Enjoy!

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