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Episode 35 | Twerking For The Pope

This week has been a doozy personally and in the news. First, Aaron Alexis went on a rampage at the Navy Yard in DC on Monday because, why not, you know? My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their loved ones, and the shooter’s family.

We also got Grand Theft Auto V (sold $800 million in 24 hours), then iOS 7 came out, then I had a terrible Thursday evening and got flipped off by a pedestrian when THEY were in the wrong. Politically…

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Aaron Alexis: Maniac Monday in DC

What is happening in this country? Why are so many people clinging harder to their guns and living in a state of constant paranoia and fear? Why are so many people still racist?

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Episode 34 | Hip-Hop Failed Mr. Cee

Happy Friday! This week I’m talking about how Vladimir Putin is suddenly for truth, justice, and the American way. Iowa pastor Brent Girouex “raped away the gay” from teen boys, but sadly isn’t going to jail. Mr. Cee came out as a man who enjoys sex with prostitutes and stupid black people everywhere continue to embarrass society and fail at social progress in response. I hope you enjoy!

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Dear GOP: Please Impeach Obama

Come on, GOP! Right this wrong! Who cares if you’ll win a conviction against President Obama? It only matters that you tried. That’s what America will remember of your recent work under Obama and your enduring legacy.

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Manchin-Heitkamp Resolution: Obstinate Obama

…it’s part of a Senate proposal (Manchin-Heitkamp Resolution) that the White House apparently is not even trying to consider, because they’re all about a strike and going to war, while saying that they don’t want to go to war, but want a limited strike, and that this whole thing is so complicated that they’re willing to hear options for how to manage it. Yet, they’re rejecting this proposal. But…but…for why, tho?

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The Syrian Civil War Confuses Me

Today, I’m confused about the Syrian Civil War. And I’m not confused about what’s happening, but I’m confused over what to do.

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White People Are “Swell”

So, this isn’t really about twerking. It’s not about accusing a group of people of cultural theft. It’s really about taking pride in what you’ve done, where you come from, and enjoying that you can do it because not everyone has that luxury.

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Miley Cyrus Must Be Stopped!

Can somebody please sit Miley Cyrus and her people down and explain that they’re essentially raping a people blind for profit and no better than their ancestors and their relationship with Africa?

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Episode 31 | Wentworth Miller Is Gay! And Taken. NOOO!

In political news this week, some ratchet Republican woman said that black people are poor because they eat too much chicken and barbecue. Really. In Christian news, some horny Christian husband with a high libido started, a site for Christian couples to meet and have sex with people who aren’t their spouses. No, really. And in gay news, Wentworth Miller came out after being invited to do something in Russia, but he said, “As a gay man, I can’t.” I’m proud of him for doing that, and I congratulate him on coming out publicly, but lament that he’s in a relationship. For reasons.

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What’s The “T”?

I’ll readily admit that I don’t get the T. I don’t get what it would be like to feel uncomfortable in your born gender enough to want to radically alter your body and life to become the opposite gender. I know that trans people have it harder in society than gay people. I know that the T was adopted into the LGBT movement, otherwise trans people would have had a much harder time finding advocates.

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