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Here Lies the United States of America (1789-2017), Killed by Donald Trump

Ask yourself why it makes you more comfortable to have a man as POTUS who has been reported as actively pursuing your vote because it will make you feel more comfortable as an American who is afraid of losing real or perceived influence in the country simply based on your race.

Gay Politics

Black, Woke, Gay, American, and Fed Up: Part 2 – The Gays

If we keep staying divided over a stupid thing like skin color and cultural differences, only the group with the power and connections survives and wipes out the other groups. We’re too fabulous for anyone to get left behind!


Black, Woke, Gay, American, and Fed Up: Part 1 – Politics

I get tired of justifying my existence and anger at my country sometimes to some people who feel that they’re being left behind because they’re losing preferential treatment in order to make things fairer for all, which is how it should have been done the entire time from 1789 until now.

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Religious Liberty Laws: A Crock Sham of Bull Hockey

I attack your support of these laws because you’re using these laws and your energy as a cover for protecting Christianity and America isn’t a Christian nation. Stop being lazy in your faith by hiding behind laws like they actually do your witness any good.

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I Don’t Like Christian(s)

It’s really sad that the possible slanderous name that ancient Antioch believers turned into a badge of honor is being used as originally intended today in America.

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My Fantasy 2016 Election

I don’t have the candidates of my dreams this year, and that’s okay…well, no it’s not, but I’m experienced enough by now to work within whatever situation I find myself to learn how to be content and make the best of a bad situation.

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The Unbearable White Supremacy of Evangelical Christian Beings

Many an American evangelical Christian of every race doesn’t even realize they look down on anyone who isn’t white or anyone who doesn’t hold white culture as the ideal culture and identity. If they did, they would be way more compassionate toward others who don’t look or act like them. They would not support a candidate like Donald Trump who is in this for his own vainglorious validation.

Barack Obama Conservatives Politics

The State of the Union Is NOT Strong, Mr. President!

I listened, with sadness and pride, to President Barack Obama’s last State of the Union Address. Presidents, off and on, since George Washington have delivered this address. I was beaming with pride because I am overall happy with President Obama’s accomplishments in…amazingly getting stuff done despite a Congress controlled by a political party that is dead-set against him.

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Heroin Crazed

White people are the luckiest people alive in America…

Entertainment Politics

Black Girls Rock! the #Emmys

Opportunity is the key to get more women of color recognition and work in Hollywood

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