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Ray Rice Knocked Out His Wife & Got Away With It

I hope the NFL pushes the Ravens to get rid of Ray Rice. I was disappointed that my Ravens lost yesterday to the Cincinnati Bengals, of all teams, and I hope they know that ‘til they do right by Janay and other domestic violence victims, every Super Bowl thing they think about gon’ fail.

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Fear of Dying Alone

I thought about my frustrations with being single right now. Sometimes I’m good with it, and sometimes I’m like, “Why me, God? Why do THEY get someone when they can’t even maintain an honest relationship with themselves but I believe and have been told I’m a catch and will make someone extremely happy one day…but I get passed over by those who tell me I’m a catch and they go on to find abusive relationships and call themselves happy?” I have a fear of dying alone right now.

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Let(ting) It Gooooo! Let It Go!

No more forgiveness and giving someone a third second chance. No more feeding into a behavior. No more vying for attention that’s not mine to have.

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Episode 47 | Good Gay Sex Advice

This episode: I explain where I’ve been, and I talk about the failed Operation American Spring, how Kirk Cameron and Americans Defending Freedom need to have a theater of seats, and my advice on some horrible dating advice that is good gay sex advice.

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Interracial Dating: Instructional Tip

This post comes from a personal place. I can speak on interracial dating and relationships because, well, that’s mostly what I’ve done. I’ve only dated

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Anderson Cooper’s Boyfriend Caught “Cheating”

So, this happened. Anderson Cooper’s boyfriend Ben Maisani, whom the media is referring to as “hot” (and I’m referring to as “great body, okay face”)

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How to Lose Me In 10 Days

Gather ’round, youngins, I’ll tell you a tale. A tale of how a woman lost her chance at getting the draws in only ten days.

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Wacky World of Dating (Part 1,987,433)

I experienced the fastest rejection ever last night. We met online (a respectable site) a while ago and finally started talking again. We talked on

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