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Hoes Stay Winning

Special Guest Co-host: Niki (Twitter: @indigogloves) joins me this week. We discuss why states are reopening, LGBT comic book characters, when God lets you down, bum and boo of the week, and hoes stay winning.

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Can Christians Be Sex-Positive?

If God designed sex for enjoyment and procreation, Christians need to change the stance from attacking sex and fearing it to embracing it like God wanted us to do.

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Side-Eyeing Daniele Watts

Daniele Watts, a black actress who was in Django Unchained, was recently detained by police officers in Los Angeles (Studio City) and wrote a Facebook message about it alleging that the cops thought she was a prostitute simply because she was with a white man. But on the 8th day, God made TMZ and the truth.

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Should Gay Christians Be Celibate? NOPE!

If a gay person desires celibacy because of their commitment to God (while waiting for someone or while just waiting for God to call them home years from now), that’s up to them and I support that as a conscious decision. I don’t support celibacy being the only option that remains for a gay person to prove their Christianity just because straight Christians can’t handle a gay person being gay.

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Episode 47 | Good Gay Sex Advice

This episode: I explain where I’ve been, and I talk about the failed Operation American Spring, how Kirk Cameron and Americans Defending Freedom need to have a theater of seats, and my advice on some horrible dating advice that is good gay sex advice.

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Episode 39 | Easy “A”: Is Public Gay Sex Art?

Happy Friday! This week I am talking about how a blog called Gay Christian Movement Watch is out for B. Slade (gospel artist formerly known

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Episode 38 | Advice About Threesomes

This week, yes, there is talk about threesomes and open relationships, but FIRST, in Christian news, I talk about a House stenographer who went off about how America isn’t one nation under God because of its founding by the Freemasons, which totally means that Satan runs things in this country…like we didn’t already know that. HAIL, ILLUMINATI!

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What I Would Say If You Are Gay

Prior to September 26, 2004, I was quite a verbal gay basher. My best friend came out January 1, 2004, and I did nothing but

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Anderson Cooper’s Boyfriend Caught “Cheating”

So, this happened. Anderson Cooper’s boyfriend Ben Maisani, whom the media is referring to as “hot” (and I’m referring to as “great body, okay face”)

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How to Lose Me In 10 Days

Gather ’round, youngins, I’ll tell you a tale. A tale of how a woman lost her chance at getting the draws in only ten days.

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