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Heroin Crazed

White people are the luckiest people alive in America…


The Church & Single People (Or, The Wrong Way To Handle a Right Thing)

I think that we in American/Western Christianity have made an idol of marriage and family today, so there will be some work needed to understand that a life of celibacy in service to the Lord is just as commendable and honorable as the long-married couple.


White Men Are Victims

I ran across this story on Raw Story about how a black woman professor was formally reprimanded by her college employer for the way she


The Week-Long Day: Thursday & Beyond

Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday “Can I have everyone’s attention, please?  Hello!  Okay, I’m trying to be nice.  YO, SHUT. UP!!!  Thank you.  Yes, I


The Week-Long Day: Tuesday & Wednesday

Tuesday If I have to clean any more chicken I’m going to scream.  I’m tempted to just wash them off and place them in the

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What Grinds My Gears (This Week)

I thought that this week would slow down with the bad news after the Boston Marathon bombings, but it just hasn’t let up! This week

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Everyone’s Credit Score Will Improve! (Obama is my mule going up this mountain)

  I heard something on NPR yesterday that made me smile concerning President Obama. It has been a long time since they’ve focused anything positive

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Obama Supports Gay Marriage (and America Loses Its Ish)

Yesterday the U.S.’s current leader, President Barack Obama, appears to have uttered support for gay marriage in what looks to be a hastily arranged interview

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I went to therapy today just for one little appointment (I go from time to time when I reach a “wall” where I can’t figure

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Maryland GOP Hit Up My Mom for Money

In a blatant display of what cannot amount to anything but a reckless disregard of effective voter research, the Maryland Republican Party e-mailed my mother,

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