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Here Lies the United States of America (1789-2017), Killed by Donald Trump

Ask yourself why it makes you more comfortable to have a man as POTUS who has been reported as actively pursuing your vote because it will make you feel more comfortable as an American who is afraid of losing real or perceived influence in the country simply based on your race.

Barack Obama Politics

A More Imperfect Union

Are we divided? Yes. More than before? No.

Christianity Gay Politics

The Top 7 Ways to Fix America

What do we need to fix America to get it back on track? I have a list. What are your ideas?

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Episode 52 | We Can’t Breathe

This is my take on race relations in the U.S. in the lens of the decision to not indict Eric Garner’s killer, even though the coroner ruled the death a homicide and said the cause of death was external pressure applied to Garner’s chest and neck, preventing breathing.

Louie Giglio - Keene Point of View

In Defense of Louis Giglio, Anti-Gay Pastor

Skim this: Then read this: Basically, Louis Giglio was either uninvited or pulled out of giving the Inauguration Day benediction. He said he did not

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Y’all Don’t Need Liberty

I was listening to NPR this morning, as I normally do on the way in to work, from work, at lunch (hmm…I just might be

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