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The State of the Union Is NOT Strong, Mr. President!

I listened, with sadness and pride, to President Barack Obama’s last State of the Union Address. Presidents, off and on, since George Washington have delivered this address. I was beaming with pride because I am overall happy with President Obama’s accomplishments in…amazingly getting stuff done despite a Congress controlled by a political party that is dead-set against him.

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Episode 53 | Obama’s Big Black Christianity

Y’all have been making news and upsetting me without me being able to offer my opinions! So, here they are!

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Why America Isn’t Post-Racial

[Race] was always there, but just stayed hidden and buried to make nice with everyone. I say let’s excise it and dress the wound. We’ve got to heal, America. Stop running from it.

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What I Wish President Obama Would Have Told Me

I wish that President Obama would have told us some things about himself before going into office.

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Episode 51 | The Return of Naomi Campbell’s Edges

This week I’m going off about Ferguson, Eric Garner, Mike Brown, the police, the government, Floyd Mayweather (bum of the week), Ray Rice, Louisiana, Mark Driscoll, the Christian Church, ISIL, and saying something about the re-emergence of Naomi Campbell’s long-lost edges. I also celebrate President Barack Obama, who is my boo this week. Enjoy!

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Episode 50 | Delicious Boehner Tears

This week: John Boehner goes off about President Obama over immigration reform that Boehner refuses to vote on this year and cries some angry yet delicious Boehner tears. So, exactly how can President Obama fix anything if you’re not going to make the laws, Boehner?

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Episode 47 | Good Gay Sex Advice

This episode: I explain where I’ve been, and I talk about the failed Operation American Spring, how Kirk Cameron and Americans Defending Freedom need to have a theater of seats, and my advice on some horrible dating advice that is good gay sex advice.

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Episode 46 | Ebony Magazine Has Lost Its Mind…and Self-Respect

I really lay into Ebony Magazine and conservatives (Hey, Reince Priebus!) for the hit job done on Ebony’s Senior Digital Media Editor, Jamilah Lamieux. The hit was done by the GOP, conservatives on Twitter, Raffi Williams, Ben Carson, and Ebony Magazine itself, sadly. I’m tired of blacks being silenced for calling out racism. And I say so.

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Episode 44 | What the World Needs Now: Sweet Gay Love

I respond to Dr. James David Manning’s video where he discusses how President Obama is releasing gay “homo demons” into America and is helped along by “white homos” who take black men from black women. I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP! I laughed so loudly when I first saw the video. I hope you laugh and nod a lot with this one I made for you. Enjoy and thanks for watching! (Please make sure you like, subscribe, and advertise it.)

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Contemporary Christian & Political Art: So Many Questions

Some people have taken to the Internet to make a name for themselves as painters or as people who want to make religious or political statements. Let’s look at 3 contemporary Christian and political art pictures for which I have so many questions.

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