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Popularity Contest: Snowden v. Obama

My  cell phone has a setting for Notifications to turn certain ones off. So, I don’t have them come up for the 14 sex hookup

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Keene Point of View 05172013

HAPPY FRIDAY FROM KEENE POINT OF VIEW! This week: SCANDAL SEASON FINALE (amazingly without spoilers!); Michele Bachmann threatens to move out of Minnesota for passing


Nerd Prom: Sarah Palin Is Pissed!

The annual White House Correspondent’s Dinner was Saturday and it is a time always set aside by the White House Press Corps to…er…basically honor themselves

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President Obama’s Latest Gamble

Please skim this and come right on back here. President Barack Obama’s administration is pushing banks to extend home loans to people whose credit ain’t

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“Let’s Everyone Just Calm Down”

The title is a quote from a friend of mine when we were talking about sex once. I won’t go into the story, but it

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President Obama (Round 2)

It’s now a year since President Obama got reelected. Sadly, things this time around for him are worse than before. The backside of the recession

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President Romney

Fresh off my recent Twitter comment about Michelle Malkin’s anger (she writes so angrily. At least it seems that way to me) and her sending

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Friday the 24th

Yet again, this Friday is acting like it’s waited all week to show its butt for news: 1. Lance Armstrong gave up his fight against

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Independent Dependencies

I listen to NPR most mornings and evenings on my commute to and from work, but I listen to the Classical/Symphony channel on XM most

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Joe Biden Said “Chains”. GOP Says “Racism”.

In what can be described only as an effort to appeal to Black voters without actually paying attention to their own history in racism, members

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