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Everyone’s Credit Score Will Improve! (Obama is my mule going up this mountain)

  I heard something on NPR yesterday that made me smile concerning President Obama. It has been a long time since they’ve focused anything positive

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Defending Obama Against Talking Points

This is an interaction between a friend and I on Facebook concerning Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, and the direction of the country. All of this

Conservatives News Politics

A Healthier America

Yesterday the Supreme Court of the United States upheld Obama’s landmark legislation, The Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Mitt Romney’s Healthcare Plan Obamacare. Personally, I


Black Men in Politics

So, there’s President Obama. There’s Allen West. There’s Herman Cain. One of these three people I really like, even though I don’t like what they


Friday News Roundup (tm The Diane Rehm Show)

1. Boss says don’t stress over job situation while on bench awaiting contract. Okay. I know Who holds my tomorrow in His Hands, but I

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