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Episode 48 | Benghazi – Worst Thing Ever?

Bengazi? Really, tho? Y’all Republicans are just going to ignore the over 100,000 dead from 9/11, Afghanistan, and Iraq and use the 4 dead Americans from Benghazi to raise money? Oh. Okay, sis.

About This Blog Christianity Gay Politics

Keene Point of View 05172013

HAPPY FRIDAY FROM KEENE POINT OF VIEW! This week: SCANDAL SEASON FINALE (amazingly without spoilers!); Michele Bachmann threatens to move out of Minnesota for passing

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Is President Obama Ineffective?

It was either do a post asking “Is President Obama ineffective?” as a vlog for Friday, or review Kelly Rowland’s new song as a blog


Dick Cheney Tried It

While I was minding my own business reading Twitter on a coffee break, I came across this article by Think Progress. Dick Cheney referred to

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