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Beyonce - Keene Point of View

Beyonce: “Perfection” Personified & Controlled

If you control your image for a long time, even down to the “candid” shots that are staged, you start to painstakingly present an image of perfection. When you don’t speak on it, but release only images, videos, and songs, people start to believe your built-up hype.


Keene Point of View 01252013

Check out my new video blog from Friday! I talk about Beyoncé, the Inauguration, Hillary Clinton’s testimony, GOP’s hypocrisy, and Alicia Keys’s poor decision for


Keene Point of View Vlog 01182013

HAPPY FRIDAY! NRA, Alicia Keys, Beyonce, and (of course) Scandal!


The Cult of Carter (Devotion to Jay-Z & Beyonce)

Jay Z and Beyonce welcomed their daughter Blue Ivy to the world on Saturday January 7, 2012. She was born on the seventh day of

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