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Angry Black Man

You forgot that you don’t war against flesh and blood, but against powers and dark rulers in invisible high places.

Christianity News

Botham Jean’s Brother Forgave Botham’s Killer

I am also fine with Brandt’s choice to forgive Botham Jean’s murderer. That is Jesus in 2019 for ya. No, for real. That’s the Jesus that Jesus was/is. I just wish it did not come at the expense of black people being the sacrificial lambs yet again on the altar of human decency and getting nothing in return.

Issues News Politics

Dear White (and Black!) Americans Who Don’t “Get” Race/ Racism – Halloween Edition

For those who don’t understand, blackface has roots in the minstrel show, which was when white people would put on black face and depict black people as happy-go-lucky, blundering, idiotic, buffoonish caricatures who always had a happy song o’ cheer on their lips, no matter how hard life was for them. Do you get it? Black people were things and not people. This is what you’re subconsciously doing to us again – you’re making us things and not people while you get to go home, take off the makeup, and return to being a full 100% human being.

Liberals Politics

Eric Holder: “Let My People Go!”

On the way into my 9-5 today I heard about how U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder (President Obama’s inner n-word; no, really, some black dude

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