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Two Big Mouths

My cohost this week is my cousin Jenae who was on the episode before about lesbians (Scissoring With My Favorite Lesbian). We talk Biden, Blessings, and Bottoms. Listen and thanks for listening!


Twisted Bible Stories: Sodom & Gomorrah

Do you like Bible stories or wish they were just more interesting? Look no further. This one is about Sodom & Gomorrah and it’s not about what you think.

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A Case for *Justified* Christian Martyrdom in America

Do the right things already, Christians. Treat others the way you want to be treated and stop replacing your faith in Jesus with a perverted form of American patriotism before you wind up missing your head.

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I Don’t Like Christian(s)

It’s really sad that the possible slanderous name that ancient Antioch believers turned into a badge of honor is being used as originally intended today in America.


Twisted Bible Stories | Mary Was the Baddest Chick of the Bible

Mary was the mother of Jesus (God) and was pretty much the baddest chick of the Bible. She risked her impending marriage and life by saying “Yes” to God…and it changed the world.

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Episode 45 | Fred Phelps Is Dead At Last

This week I talk about Fred Phelps’s death and what that means (or doesn’t mean). I also briefly cover the success of Obamacare, some good news on Grindr, and a desire to take James David Manning to task over this “white homo demon” thing.

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Should Conservative Christians Hate Others?

These companies who would refuse gay people are the same ones who provide lodging to unmarried couples on a weekend getaway. They provide cakes for a divorce party, but not a gay marriage. They provide flowers for the baby shower and the baby’s father just decided to walk out on the mother a week before. They keep feeding gluttons at family restaurant troughs like Golden Corral. But providing goods and services to gay people is just morally wrong now?

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Episode 42 | Christian Conservatives Love Satan

I’m ’bout tired of Christian conservatives claiming to love and know Jesus, but proving that they don’t do either by how they treat others who don’t believe like them or live like them.

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Episode 34 | Hip-Hop Failed Mr. Cee

Happy Friday! This week I’m talking about how Vladimir Putin is suddenly for truth, justice, and the American way. Iowa pastor Brent Girouex “raped away the gay” from teen boys, but sadly isn’t going to jail. Mr. Cee came out as a man who enjoys sex with prostitutes and stupid black people everywhere continue to embarrass society and fail at social progress in response. I hope you enjoy!

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Episode 31 | Wentworth Miller Is Gay! And Taken. NOOO!

In political news this week, some ratchet Republican woman said that black people are poor because they eat too much chicken and barbecue. Really. In Christian news, some horny Christian husband with a high libido started, a site for Christian couples to meet and have sex with people who aren’t their spouses. No, really. And in gay news, Wentworth Miller came out after being invited to do something in Russia, but he said, “As a gay man, I can’t.” I’m proud of him for doing that, and I congratulate him on coming out publicly, but lament that he’s in a relationship. For reasons.

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