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Angry Black Man

You forgot that you don’t war against flesh and blood, but against powers and dark rulers in invisible high places.

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Trillificent Said Stop Shaming Bottoms!

This is a podcast that was recorded almost two years ago where Curtis (Trillificent) was my guest. Curtis said he understood why it took so long with everything that went on in my life. I hope you understand too and enjoy.

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A Case for *Justified* Christian Martyrdom in America

Do the right things already, Christians. Treat others the way you want to be treated and stop replacing your faith in Jesus with a perverted form of American patriotism before you wind up missing your head.

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I Don’t Like Christian(s)

It’s really sad that the possible slanderous name that ancient Antioch believers turned into a badge of honor is being used as originally intended today in America.

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This Is Why You’re Hated, Christians

t’s not discrimination if you’re no longer allowed to set the terms and limits for the discussion surrounding an issue. It’s not persecution because you’re losing influence and political power due to your bigoted views. Folks are tired and aren’t standing for the crap anymore.

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Episode 43 | Arizona’s Christians Are Scumbags

hat’s to stop this from expanding to other religions or people taking it upon themselves to expand it to race, class, and other things? I talk about that and how, yet again, conservative Christianity is completely missing the boat on gay people, who are PEOPLE, and not sex.

Does Pat Robertson Have Dementia - Keene Point of View
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Christians vs Gays: An Unnecessary Fight

I hope you all had a wonderful July 4th extended weekend in the U.S.  I went out of town for vacation and had a nice


Mama Said: Christians Are Scared (Punks)

I need to have my mom on an episode one of these Fridays. She has such good insight into the three topics here at Keene

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