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Opinionated Ladies – My Mom and Aunt

There is a chirp in the episode from a smoke detector from someone on the podcast (not me). **This episode was recorded on 5/2/2020.** This

Christianity Gay Humor Life News Podcast Politics

Justice For (some) White Gays

I tell you how to choose the best white gay man for dating interracially. Don’t bother trying to figure out how I know what I know.

Christianity Politics

A Case for *Justified* Christian Martyrdom in America

Do the right things already, Christians. Treat others the way you want to be treated and stop replacing your faith in Jesus with a perverted form of American patriotism before you wind up missing your head.

Christianity Gay Issues

The Wrong Christian Approach to Transgender People

Christians, do you really want to have more blood on your hands from trans people not feeling Jesus’ love because you can’t stand the thought of someone living in their truth that Jesus can help flesh out more perfectly in Him for them?

Christianity Gay

The Christian Church *WILL* Accept Gays…Eventually

The church has never excluded anyone for too long – slavery ended, Jim Crow ended, interracial marriages exist, and women have their own multi-million dollar ministries and churches now. All of those groups were kept down by the church for a while, but ultimately accepted. I think the Christian church will eventually accept gays…


Bill Cosby Went In on Christians

Bill Cosby went in and let have on Christians. I agree and disagree with what he said. This is from “You cannot go to


Certain Christians: Stop Being an Ass!

Got your attention? Good! “As you may presently yourself fully be aware of,” Jason Collins, center for the Washington Wizards, came out of the closet.

Megachurch Keene Point of View

Why You Left The Church

Marc Solas wrote this blog on 2/6/13 about the top 10 reasons why our kids leave church. While I agree with all 10 things he’s


NEW VLOG: Keene Point of View 02012013

This week I talk about why I missed Scandal (boo!), how North Korea and Iran are playing with their lives, why Chris Culliver sucks…possibly more

Keene Point of View Cohabitation

Virginia’s Morality Double Standard

Per WSLS 10 in Richmond, Virginia, and the Associated Press, Virginia is considering a law that the governor likes. This law will formally end restrictions

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