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Angry Black Man

You forgot that you don’t war against flesh and blood, but against powers and dark rulers in invisible high places.

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Betsy DeVos: Tragic, Trash, Obtuse, & The Standard

HBCUs didn’t simply start because of unequal access to education. It was unequal because people were denied attending because of the color of their skin. To not say that first and foremost is whitewashing history to absolve your conservative ideology of any historical wrongdoing.

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Here Lies the United States of America (1789-2017), Killed by Donald Trump

Ask yourself why it makes you more comfortable to have a man as POTUS who has been reported as actively pursuing your vote because it will make you feel more comfortable as an American who is afraid of losing real or perceived influence in the country simply based on your race.

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Like Lambs to the Slaughter: Conservative Christians

Comporting with the lie that America is a Christian nation founded by men who loved Jesus so much that they simply had to keep slaves and build the nation on their backs, blood, and bones while forcing those heathen Native Americans to live elsewhere because they were in the white man’s way, these people wind up doing things I don’t understand.

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How To Recover From a Christian Sex Scandal

his happens a lot (more to conservative Christians, it seems) – a Christian takes a loud, public, obnoxious stance against any moral failings we encounter as humans (and, of course, say any reckless thing against the LGBT community) and is himself engaging in the same moral failings as the rest of us. It’s ultimately tragic that the lesson of YOU’RE NOT BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE is never learnt.

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Confessions of a (Former Hard-line) Conservative

The soul of America is constantly in peril and conservative values are all the stands in the way of Satan claiming victory over American souls and cutting off access to Jesus.

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Conservatives Want To Save America

On the heels of yesterday’s Obamacare enrollment numbers success (!) comes news that the Supreme Court, in a butt-hurt 5-4 ruling, determined that rich people can contribute to politicians without limit.

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Episode 43 | Arizona’s Christians Are Scumbags

hat’s to stop this from expanding to other religions or people taking it upon themselves to expand it to race, class, and other things? I talk about that and how, yet again, conservative Christianity is completely missing the boat on gay people, who are PEOPLE, and not sex.

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Episode 42 | Christian Conservatives Love Satan

I’m ’bout tired of Christian conservatives claiming to love and know Jesus, but proving that they don’t do either by how they treat others who don’t believe like them or live like them.

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5 Reasons Why a Christian Government Is a Bad Idea

I keep reading about how some conservative Christians are active in the Tea Party and other conservative movements to put a 100% Christian government in

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