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Christianity Gay Politics

Hey, Christians, Hey: Gay Rights

You know, this is crazy, but I started this project/blog as a voice against what I took to be the wrong Christian stance against gay

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Keene Point of View – Episode 25

HAPPY FRIDAY! This week: A LOT! Talking about racist Americans and dumb Americans. I also talk about SCOTUS rejecting DOMA and returning Prop8 back to

Keene Point of View - Prop 8
Gay Politics

Children: The Case Against Gay Marriage

I was reading this and came across the following quote: Urging the Supreme Court to reverse those rulings, Prop 8’s defenders argue that the state has

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Keene Point of View 03152013

HAPPY FRIDAY! I’m taking Christians and Americans to task on gay marriage after learning about a porn star and his partner’s suicide because they couldn’t

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