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Twisted Bible Stories: Sodom & Gomorrah

Do you like Bible stories or wish they were just more interesting? Look no further. This one is about Sodom & Gomorrah and it’s not about what you think.

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Podcast: .@Blowticious Is A Cool Around-The-Way Chick

Enjoy this week’s discussion with @blowticious and me discussing how she wrote a book as a child and how hypervisibility online does not equate to the same kind of fame as celebrity; Donald Trump; North Korea; Jesus; Pose; LGBT shows; Christianity and Pulse nightclub.

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What Is This Crap Cover, Variety?

Variety should have told Damien “No” to his request to share with Barry Jenkins and done one for Barry Jenkins and Moonlight winning Best Picture. Let the two movies stand on their own. Basically, Variety, stop All Lives Matter-ing Moonlight and blowing up a mistake to be more than what it was.

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A Genuine Compliment for Beyonce’s Lemonade

The theme of the album is making lemonade out of life handing you lemons and appears to be telling of her struggles with Jay Z’s infidelities. Whether it’s true or not, I don’t know, but it made for a compelling story. This is all probably just smart marketing.

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Black Girls Rock! the #Emmys

Opportunity is the key to get more women of color recognition and work in Hollywood

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“Miley, What’s Good?”

I really hate myself and my life choices right now. Why? Because I’m writing a thinkpiece about two pop stars because people outside of their industry are commenting on their antics at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) last night, and I am not a strong fan of either.

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A Guide for White People to Enjoy “Empire” on Fox

You already embrace the many layers of Alicia Florrick on The Good Wife and you embraced the layers of Walter White on Breaking Bad. Embrace Empire’s characters too, okay?

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Sorority Sisters Got Canceled and I Am Not Happy

How is it just now an embarrassment? How is something on the micro level worse than how you’ve been portrayed on the macro level for years?

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What Heathcliff Huxtable, the Jell-O Man, and Ghost Dad Have in Common

The problem is that we often associate entertainers as their characters or as they appear to be while at work (on camera, on stage, on YouTube, etc.) as who they actually are. Fewer people know them in real life versus the rest of the world knowing them through their work, just like us.

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My Ratchet On The Run Tour Recap

The show was great. I could tell this took some time to plan and the songs fit the theme of the show (Bonnie & Clyde) until near the end of the Bonnie & Clyde thing they were doing. They just broke out random songs then but it was still nice. Overall, this was more of a Jay Z concert than a joint concert.

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