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Hoes Stay Winning

Special Guest Co-host: Niki (Twitter: @indigogloves) joins me this week. We discuss why states are reopening, LGBT comic book characters, when God lets you down, bum and boo of the week, and hoes stay winning.


Maduración con Dios

All I know is that all the Bible reading, devotions, sermons, and praying…just isn’t cutting it right now. I don’t know what else to do.


The God Dilemma

Jesus himself said that God allows sun and rain to shine and fall on the good and the evil. Does this mean God isn’t real or doesn’t know what He’s doing? No. Not at all. I’ve never met or heard of a God more gracious, understanding, and loving than God.

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Repeated Lessons: Patience and Relaxing

He’s in control and I’m not. He can see things I can’t see. I’m thankful that God is patient, loving, kind, merciful, and long-suffering. I’d be “done” with me if I were Him.

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Ferguson Almost Made Me Slip – Part 2

I guess this is a personal post as well as an update of my emotional state linked to events in Ferguson and my life. I feel like I’m crawling back, but the Lord might actually be carrying me. We’ll see how it goes. I plan to show up, though, and see.

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God Doesn’t Care About Gay People As Much As You Do, Christians

Fellow believers, you’re concerned about the wrong things. Your concern lies in changing a perceived behavior in someone that you don’t like. Then you throw God into it like he co-signs with your shenanigans while gay Christians experience his love, grace, and have a more real relationship with Him than you probably do and that confident living in God’s love and grace pisses you off because gays don’t care what you think about them!


When Jesus Says No, Nobody Can Say Yes

When Jesus says no, take a moment to tell him how you feel about it when it happens. Don’t keep it pent up for years like I did. The tantrum should last a few hours, max. Eventually, you won’t have tantrums, just frustration but resolve to soldier on.

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Keene Point of View | Episode 28 – Freaky, Sneaky, Greedy, Needy

Happy Friday! It’s been a freaky, sneaky, greedy, and even needy week. This week: Anthony Weiner showed off his…I won’t say it…PENIS. Bob McDonnell threw

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What God Oversees

I was going to blog about the NRA’s convention where they basically ginned up everyone’s fear of needing armed insurrection against the U.S. government for the coming

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This weekend was a whirlwind of life lessons about where I am emotionally and spiritually. Without going into details, I’ll just say that my butt

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