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The State of the Union Is NOT Strong, Mr. President!

I listened, with sadness and pride, to President Barack Obama’s last State of the Union Address. Presidents, off and on, since George Washington have delivered this address. I was beaming with pride because I am overall happy with President Obama’s accomplishments in…amazingly getting stuff done despite a Congress controlled by a political party that is dead-set against him.

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Am I A Socialist?

All capitalism isn’t good. All socialism doesn’t seem bad. Maybe I’m somewhere in the middle. A socio-capitalist? Is that a thing? Hearts need to change and no government can do that. But it sure can help to make it a little better by force since people seem to have missed the boat on that one.

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Episode 46 | Ebony Magazine Has Lost Its Mind…and Self-Respect

I really lay into Ebony Magazine and conservatives (Hey, Reince Priebus!) for the hit job done on Ebony’s Senior Digital Media Editor, Jamilah Lamieux. The hit was done by the GOP, conservatives on Twitter, Raffi Williams, Ben Carson, and Ebony Magazine itself, sadly. I’m tired of blacks being silenced for calling out racism. And I say so.

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Racism Is Over!

I want to draw attention to the Republican Party’s official Twitter account’s tale of Rosa Parks helping to end racism. They followed with another tweet

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Obamacare Website: Shut UP, America!

Listen, I’ve worked for years on government systems and let me tell you, if America is going to freak out over every system not working that supports the government and its citizens, then nothing government-related would ever work. Are you kidding me? Do you people know nothing about system implementations?

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Episode 37 | Scandal BACK!

Happy Friday! This week: “Scandal” is back for their 3rd season and the episode ended in typical “GASP!” fashion. A father disowns his daughter over her disowning her gay son. Christians in Congress need to stop claiming Jesus while engaged in a Federal government shutdown. As for the shutdown, I basically let Republicans know how they go stuck between a rock and a hard place. Enjoy!

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Obamacare: Conservatives Lie Again

Bottom line, crazy Tea Party conservatives: you don’t have to lie. Really. If you get found out, the damage of a lie is far worse than dealing with the truth head-on the first time. People will always respect the truth and the truth-teller. They grow to hate and despise the liar because eventually no one knows whether or not to believe your words or pathetic re-branding efforts.

Barack Obama Conservatives Politics

Republicans Should Stop Being Stupid

Republicans are being pretty stupid right now. If they were acting intransigent for a good reason that they could actually articulate, I would listen to their side of the story. Right now, though? It’s just a bunch of whining and I’m sick of it. Dwight D. Eisenhower would fire on you with tanks if he could see what you’ve done to his party, GOP.

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Yo, Conservatives: Why You Gotta Lie?

My gripe today is with American Conservatives. Many of them claim to know Jesus personally, but these conservatives today wouldn’t know Jesus if he appeared

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GOP Threatens NBC & CNN With Lunacy

In an hilarious yet sad article that I read on Politico, the head of the Republican Party, Reince Priebus, said that that Grand Old Party

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