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Twisted Bible Stories: Sodom & Gomorrah

Do you like Bible stories or wish they were just more interesting? Look no further. This one is about Sodom & Gomorrah and it’s not about what you think.

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Bicyclists / Cyclists / Bikers Suck

Bikers: SHARE THE ROAD! You’re not better than everyone else just because you ride a bike. Yes, you do cardio every day. Good for you. That doesn’t make you better than anyone else or deserving of rule-bending anymore than it does me for working out 4-5 days a week. You’re not unique, boo.

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Muslims Are Dangerous

Where do we get off using a religion as a slur? Let’s be honest, even since 9/11/2001 America has regarded Muslims as “the Other” and consistently used the word as a coded racial term to strike fear and hatred into the hearts of the most red-blooded Americans.

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Twitter Made Me Outraged, Scared, & (overly) Sensitive

The following is a misogynist, woman-hating, transphobic, racist, homophobic, and unreasonable piece of trash. Enjoy!

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Episode 44 | What the World Needs Now: Sweet Gay Love

I respond to Dr. James David Manning’s video where he discusses how President Obama is releasing gay “homo demons” into America and is helped along by “white homos” who take black men from black women. I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP! I laughed so loudly when I first saw the video. I hope you laugh and nod a lot with this one I made for you. Enjoy and thanks for watching! (Please make sure you like, subscribe, and advertise it.)

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Twisted Bible Stories | Which Jesus – Baby, Cool Dude, or Goon?

Do you worship the cool, all-loving dude who didn’t pass judgment on people? Or do you worship the goon? Yes, Jesus the Goon. Look into it.

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Twisted Bible Stories: Naomi and Ruth

I’m starting what will hopefully be a semi-monthly series about Bible stories that are told with a humorous twist. These are the stories you read about in Sunday School and church, but I can guarantee you they won’t be told the same way. Unless you went to a cool Sunday School class or a cool church, that is.


It Happened To Me: I Was Just Trying To Do Some Yoga

You may have heard about my story yesterday at XoJane where this white lady wrote about how I had a difficult time with yoga because I’m “fairly heavy” and black, which are things that would understandably contribute to my ignorance of yoga and lack of enthusiasm toward it, right?

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5 Reasons Why You’re Going to Hell

I decided to look at other Bible verses that tell of ways you all rebel against God while sending yourselves to Hell. If I can reach just one person with the blessing of ministry that this post provides, I know I’ve done well.

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Bradley Manning Sentenced But Obama Remains Free

Bradley Manning, a gay, atheist, and innocent bright-eyed young man with a bright future ahead of him, was sentenced to 35 years in prison for blowing the whistle on the sins and outright egregiously bad behavior of the Obama Administration. This man was sentenced to prison after being abused like a prisoner in Abu Ghraib and made to go through an excruciating trial where he was embarrassed in front of the entire Pentagon War Department Citizen Tribunal and world.

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