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Podcast: .@Blowticious Is A Cool Around-The-Way Chick

Enjoy this week’s discussion with @blowticious and me discussing how she wrote a book as a child and how hypervisibility online does not equate to the same kind of fame as celebrity; Donald Trump; North Korea; Jesus; Pose; LGBT shows; Christianity and Pulse nightclub.


Maduración con Dios

All I know is that all the Bible reading, devotions, sermons, and praying…just isn’t cutting it right now. I don’t know what else to do.

Christianity Life

Jesus Is a Messy God

Jesus has always been one to wade in the messy sewer backwash of my life and get me on a better path. That’s such a loving response. I mean, often we say we love people but aren’t willing to get to know them personally or walk through thorns and thickets with them to get them out and on to a better path.

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God Doesn’t Care About Gay People As Much As You Do, Christians

Fellow believers, you’re concerned about the wrong things. Your concern lies in changing a perceived behavior in someone that you don’t like. Then you throw God into it like he co-signs with your shenanigans while gay Christians experience his love, grace, and have a more real relationship with Him than you probably do and that confident living in God’s love and grace pisses you off because gays don’t care what you think about them!

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Twisted Bible Stories | Which Jesus – Baby, Cool Dude, or Goon?

Do you worship the cool, all-loving dude who didn’t pass judgment on people? Or do you worship the goon? Yes, Jesus the Goon. Look into it.

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5 Reasons Why a Christian Government Is a Bad Idea

I keep reading about how some conservative Christians are active in the Tea Party and other conservative movements to put a 100% Christian government in

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Contemporary Christian & Political Art: So Many Questions

Some people have taken to the Internet to make a name for themselves as painters or as people who want to make religious or political statements. Let’s look at 3 contemporary Christian and political art pictures for which I have so many questions.

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Episode 40 | The Devil Went Down to Oklahoma

This week I’m talmbout President Obama being blasted by former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, but how we all missed that due to the Chris Christie scandal in New Jersey that is still unfolding. I also talk about how conservative Christians have really let the ball drop by focusing on political issues instead of Spiritual ones, which leads us to Oklahoma where a satanic group wants to erect a statue of Satan with adoring children at his knees. You’ve got to be kidding me.

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Megyn Kelly: Jesus Was White

Is Megyn ignorant or dumb? Stupid or obtuse? I didn’t know that people still thought this way. Jesus was not white and Moses did not look like Charlton Heston.

Megachurch Keene Point of View

Why You Left The Church

Marc Solas wrote this blog on 2/6/13 about the top 10 reasons why our kids leave church. While I agree with all 10 things he’s

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