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Moonlight in Trump’s America

If you follow me online, I talked about doing a podcast for a little while now. So, the while has come and I’m happy to share my first podcast episode with you! Please enjoy and share around!

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A Case for *Justified* Christian Martyrdom in America

Do the right things already, Christians. Treat others the way you want to be treated and stop replacing your faith in Jesus with a perverted form of American patriotism before you wind up missing your head.

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Religious Liberty Laws: A Crock Sham of Bull Hockey

I attack your support of these laws because you’re using these laws and your energy as a cover for protecting Christianity and America isn’t a Christian nation. Stop being lazy in your faith by hiding behind laws like they actually do your witness any good.

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The Wrong Christian Approach to Transgender People

Christians, do you really want to have more blood on your hands from trans people not feeling Jesus’ love because you can’t stand the thought of someone living in their truth that Jesus can help flesh out more perfectly in Him for them?

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Idiotic Indiana

If this is where American Christianity is headed, I want to start an underground cult without y’all. Because this doesn’t look like any love for Jesus or of Jesus that I want to be a part of. Y’all can have it.

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The Christian Church *WILL* Accept Gays…Eventually

The church has never excluded anyone for too long – slavery ended, Jim Crow ended, interracial marriages exist, and women have their own multi-million dollar ministries and churches now. All of those groups were kept down by the church for a while, but ultimately accepted. I think the Christian church will eventually accept gays…

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Episode 50 | Delicious Boehner Tears

This week: John Boehner goes off about President Obama over immigration reform that Boehner refuses to vote on this year and cries some angry yet delicious Boehner tears. So, exactly how can President Obama fix anything if you’re not going to make the laws, Boehner?

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Twitter Made Me Outraged, Scared, & (overly) Sensitive

The following is a misogynist, woman-hating, transphobic, racist, homophobic, and unreasonable piece of trash. Enjoy!


Tuck In Your Fears, Christians

After watching a video clip of Michelle Bachmann answering several questions over the rights of same-sex couples to wed, I got angry. She equated the

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