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Why I Stayed – My Abusive Relationship (Part 2)

He grilled me about my life choices, ambition, and educational aspirations all before the food came. No answer I gave was good enough and any questions about why this was important was met with “I have my reasons. That’s all you need to know.” He told me that I was lazy on most things…

Gay Issues Life

Why I Stayed – My Abusive Relationship (Part 1)

Many women wanted his number to keep in touch, but no one got a number, but he got all of our email addresses. Some of us provided resumes to him for potential jobs, but I wanted more. He stopped all contact with the women but emailed me back. I won!

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God Doesn’t Care About Gay People As Much As You Do, Christians

Fellow believers, you’re concerned about the wrong things. Your concern lies in changing a perceived behavior in someone that you don’t like. Then you throw God into it like he co-signs with your shenanigans while gay Christians experience his love, grace, and have a more real relationship with Him than you probably do and that confident living in God’s love and grace pisses you off because gays don’t care what you think about them!


Honest Feelings: The Friend Zone

I saw something on Twitter about people talking about the “Friend Zone”. Some people think of the friend zone as a place where men say


I Want to be Married

I don’t really get too personal #onhere, but I have to let this out because my usual outlets aren’t working. Y’all, I want to be

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Keene Point of View 02222013

It’s the LOVE episode! I’m talmbout the sequester, gay marriage, and LOVE in various forms toward others and for ourselves. I also let you take


Open Relationships

Ah, the open relationship. Last week a friend of mine wrote a Facebook post stating that he was either considering or already decided to do

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I went to therapy today just for one little appointment (I go from time to time when I reach a “wall” where I can’t figure

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