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Dear Kentucky Court Clerk Kim Davis …

I think you can do better, Kim. I want you to do better, Kim. I don’t want to breathe a sigh of relief when you’re found in contempt of court and ordered to jail, Kim. (Because I will, Kim.)

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Persecuted Christians in America

What people should make fun of us for isn’t our overwhelming opposition to same-sex civil marriage…(but)…for believing in a God who created the universe in 7 days and came to live as a man who died for our sins and rose from the dead 3 days later and sits on the right hand of God on a throne in Heaven and indwells us as Christians through the Holy Spirit.

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Episode 53 | Obama’s Big Black Christianity

Y’all have been making news and upsetting me without me being able to offer my opinions! So, here they are!

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The Christian Church *WILL* Accept Gays…Eventually

The church has never excluded anyone for too long – slavery ended, Jim Crow ended, interracial marriages exist, and women have their own multi-million dollar ministries and churches now. All of those groups were kept down by the church for a while, but ultimately accepted. I think the Christian church will eventually accept gays…

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Episode 48 | Benghazi – Worst Thing Ever?

Bengazi? Really, tho? Y’all Republicans are just going to ignore the over 100,000 dead from 9/11, Afghanistan, and Iraq and use the 4 dead Americans from Benghazi to raise money? Oh. Okay, sis.

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In Defense of Traditional Marriage

If traditional marriage is indeed the foundation of a decent and thriving society, why have we made it a cavalier institution?

Christianity Gay Politics

Gays Are Messy – Part 5: Five Questions

These are some gay questions I have about gay people living that gay life in this gay world. Gays are messy, part 5. The other

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Episode 33 | I Fought a Beyonce Stan…and I Won

Today I’m talking about Deborah Brown’s illogical and hypocritical “distracting hair” rule at her school in Oklahoma; Kevin Rudd’s (Australian Prime Minister) amazing defense of marriage equality as a devout Christian; and taking stupid Beyonce stans to task and winning. BOW DOWN!

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Keene Point of View | Episode 28 – Freaky, Sneaky, Greedy, Needy

Happy Friday! It’s been a freaky, sneaky, greedy, and even needy week. This week: Anthony Weiner showed off his…I won’t say it…PENIS. Bob McDonnell threw


I Want to be Married

I don’t really get too personal #onhere, but I have to let this out because my usual outlets aren’t working. Y’all, I want to be

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