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The Church & Single People (Or, The Wrong Way To Handle a Right Thing)

I think that we in American/Western Christianity have made an idol of marriage and family today, so there will be some work needed to understand that a life of celibacy in service to the Lord is just as commendable and honorable as the long-married couple.

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How To Recover From a Christian Sex Scandal

his happens a lot (more to conservative Christians, it seems) – a Christian takes a loud, public, obnoxious stance against any moral failings we encounter as humans (and, of course, say any reckless thing against the LGBT community) and is himself engaging in the same moral failings as the rest of us. It’s ultimately tragic that the lesson of YOU’RE NOT BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE is never learnt.

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Episode 53 | Obama’s Big Black Christianity

Y’all have been making news and upsetting me without me being able to offer my opinions! So, here they are!

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Can Christians Be Sex-Positive?

If God designed sex for enjoyment and procreation, Christians need to change the stance from attacking sex and fearing it to embracing it like God wanted us to do.


I Want to be Married

I don’t really get too personal #onhere, but I have to let this out because my usual outlets aren’t working. Y’all, I want to be

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Sue Everhart Is Not So Smart

I read about this story on ThinkProgress and busted out laughing just at the headline. I didn’t read anything else about it, but that article

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HAPPY GOOD FRIDAY!  This week is just one topic – MARRIAGE EQUALITY! It was the hot topic in the news, so why not piggyback on

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What’s Next for Gays?

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) is hearing arguments for and against Proposition 8 from California, which banned same-sex marriages after the state

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Children: The Case Against Gay Marriage

I was reading this and came across the following quote: Urging the Supreme Court to reverse those rulings, Prop 8’s defenders argue that the state has

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Virginia’s Morality Double Standard

Per WSLS 10 in Richmond, Virginia, and the Associated Press, Virginia is considering a law that the governor likes. This law will formally end restrictions

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