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Opinionated Ladies – My Mom and Aunt

There is a chirp in the episode from a smoke detector from someone on the podcast (not me). **This episode was recorded on 5/2/2020.** This

Christianity Gay Podcast Politics

Two Big Mouths

My cohost this week is my cousin Jenae who was on the episode before about lesbians (Scissoring With My Favorite Lesbian). We talk Biden, Blessings, and Bottoms. Listen and thanks for listening!

Christianity Gay Humor Life News Podcast Politics

Justice For (some) White Gays

I tell you how to choose the best white gay man for dating interracially. Don’t bother trying to figure out how I know what I know.

Christianity Gay Podcast Politics

Trillificent Said Stop Shaming Bottoms!

This is a podcast that was recorded almost two years ago where Curtis (Trillificent) was my guest. Curtis said he understood why it took so long with everything that went on in my life. I hope you understand too and enjoy.

Christianity Gay Podcast Politics

Podcast: Scissoring With My Favorite Lesbian

This week I am joined by one of my favorite cousins and my favorite lesbian, Jenae. Listen and get to know her. I enjoyed our conversation!

Christianity Entertainment Gay Podcast Politics

The Jeff Goldblum-ing of the Age of Aquaria

Aquaria won RuPaul’s Drag Race and I’m happy, but before that I’m mad about homophobic straight black women, U.S. immigration policy, and a homophobic Christian minister. I also talk about hot famous men I would have as a friend or as a lover and about doubt when it comes to God’s Promises.

Christianity Entertainment Gay Podcast Politics

Podcast: Tessa Thompson and Janelle Monae’s Electric Lady Situationship

There has been so much going on, though. I mean, we got: Your favorite female rapper based upon your lesbian or gay male preferred sexual position; Immigration issues; Anthony Kennedy’s weird retirement from SCOTUS; Antwan Rose; a bunch of stuff that isn’t visible in the news; civility; Tessa Thompson describing what sounds like a “situationship” with Janelle Monae; and Evangelical Christian Trump supporters get read for filth by Benjamin L. Corey.

Christianity Entertainment Gay Podcast Politics

Podcast: .@Blowticious Is A Cool Around-The-Way Chick

Enjoy this week’s discussion with @blowticious and me discussing how she wrote a book as a child and how hypervisibility online does not equate to the same kind of fame as celebrity; Donald Trump; North Korea; Jesus; Pose; LGBT shows; Christianity and Pulse nightclub.

Christianity Gay Podcast Politics

Podcast: Feckless C***

First, some nerdy information where I list my favorite comic book characters of all time. Then, an ex-gay woman says that Christian women need to stay away from feminism. Later, feckless Russophile Ivanka Trump proves she’s no different from any of her Russian-corruption-loving family. In Gay news Crossfit Infiltrate in Indiana proves that they are run by people who hate gay people but say they love Jesus.

Christianity Gay Podcast Politics

Podcast: Gay People Are Not Mattel Dolls

Hi, Everyone! It’s great to be back and sticking around, Lord willing, this time. I hope you enjoy this episode!

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