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Am I A Socialist?

All capitalism isn’t good. All socialism doesn’t seem bad. Maybe I’m somewhere in the middle. A socio-capitalist? Is that a thing? Hearts need to change and no government can do that. But it sure can help to make it a little better by force since people seem to have missed the boat on that one.

Barack Obama Politics

Why America Isn’t Post-Racial

[Race] was always there, but just stayed hidden and buried to make nice with everyone. I say let’s excise it and dress the wound. We’ve got to heal, America. Stop running from it.

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What I Wish President Obama Would Have Told Me

I wish that President Obama would have told us some things about himself before going into office.

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Manchin-Heitkamp Resolution: Obstinate Obama

…it’s part of a Senate proposal (Manchin-Heitkamp Resolution) that the White House apparently is not even trying to consider, because they’re all about a strike and going to war, while saying that they don’t want to go to war, but want a limited strike, and that this whole thing is so complicated that they’re willing to hear options for how to manage it. Yet, they’re rejecting this proposal. But…but…for why, tho?


Popularity Contest: Snowden v. Obama

My  cell phone has a setting for Notifications to turn certain ones off. So, I don’t have them come up for the 14 sex hookup

Barack Obama Conservatives Liberals Politics

Is President Obama Ineffective?

It was either do a post asking “Is President Obama ineffective?” as a vlog for Friday, or review Kelly Rowland’s new song as a blog


Nerd Prom: Sarah Palin Is Pissed!

The annual White House Correspondent’s Dinner was Saturday and it is a time always set aside by the White House Press Corps to…er…basically honor themselves

Barack Obama Politics

President Obama’s Latest Gamble

Please skim this and come right on back here. President Barack Obama’s administration is pushing banks to extend home loans to people whose credit ain’t

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