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Gay Politics

Black, Woke, Gay, American, and Fed Up: Part 2 – The Gays

If we keep staying divided over a stupid thing like skin color and cultural differences, only the group with the power and connections survives and wipes out the other groups. We’re too fabulous for anyone to get left behind!


Black, Woke, Gay, American, and Fed Up: Part 1 – Politics

I get tired of justifying my existence and anger at my country sometimes to some people who feel that they’re being left behind because they’re losing preferential treatment in order to make things fairer for all, which is how it should have been done the entire time from 1789 until now.

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Heroin Crazed

White people are the luckiest people alive in America…

Entertainment Politics

Black Girls Rock! the #Emmys

Opportunity is the key to get more women of color recognition and work in Hollywood


The Wrong Christian Response to Racism

You don’t get to say that something is a “sin problem” just to absolve yourself of any culpability in the mess in which you actually live (but don’t want to admit that you live there). That’s the equivalent of blaming someone else for something you did wrong.

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If #AllLivesMatter, Then Why…?

If all lives truly mattered, why are we “here”?

Barack Obama Politics

A More Imperfect Union

Are we divided? Yes. More than before? No.

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Someone Said That I Hate White People…

I am not going to shy away from painful and hard conversations about racial inequality in America and America’s constant need to uphold white supremacy above all things. I am not here to make you more comfortable talking about race by not showing my anger in discussing it. I do not feel sorry that it makes you uncomfortable or scared. I’m trying to live.


Baltimore: The City That Burns – Part 2 (Hurt & Healing)

May God bless and preserve and change Baltimore for the better. RIP Freddie Gray. May some good come out of this. I just hate the cost at which it came.

Entertainment Politics

Hooray For Hollywood’s Casual Racism!

Nellie Andreeva of Deadline, a Hollywood industry magazine, decided to write an article imploring Hollywood creators to PLEASE THINK OF THE WHITE PEOPLE!

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