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Episode 52 | We Can’t Breathe

This is my take on race relations in the U.S. in the lens of the decision to not indict Eric Garner’s killer, even though the coroner ruled the death a homicide and said the cause of death was external pressure applied to Garner’s chest and neck, preventing breathing.

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The I-G-G-Y Should Not Use “N-I-G-G-A”

While you whine about how it’s not fair, may I remind you that slavery, racism, Jim Crow, and how your ancestors swindled the Australian Aborigines out of their land and homes wasn’t fair either.


Dan Snyder’s Latest Ludicrous Play

Dan Snyder is shady, y’all.

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Racism Is Over!

I want to draw attention to the Republican Party’s official Twitter account’s tale of Rosa Parks helping to end racism. They followed with another tweet


White Men Are Victims

I ran across this story on Raw Story about how a black woman professor was formally reprimanded by her college employer for the way she

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Katy Perry’s Seppuku

Basically, when it’s done in a way that uses the culture or race as a prop more than letting the people be people, that’s when you’re wrong and need to take a seat and hear about how you’re wrong. We can’t have this conversation when you’re accused of being wrong and you yell your way out of the room telling everyone how hypersensitive they are.

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Dear White (and Black!) Americans Who Don’t “Get” Race/ Racism – Halloween Edition

For those who don’t understand, blackface has roots in the minstrel show, which was when white people would put on black face and depict black people as happy-go-lucky, blundering, idiotic, buffoonish caricatures who always had a happy song o’ cheer on their lips, no matter how hard life was for them. Do you get it? Black people were things and not people. This is what you’re subconsciously doing to us again – you’re making us things and not people while you get to go home, take off the makeup, and return to being a full 100% human being.

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Aaron Alexis: Maniac Monday in DC

What is happening in this country? Why are so many people clinging harder to their guns and living in a state of constant paranoia and fear? Why are so many people still racist?

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Deadbeat Dad Joe Walsh Thanks God For Racial Profiling

…You think that this is good police work to assume the worst of all blacks and Latinos in your city, and that is completely okay, forgetting that most violent crime in the country is committed by white people…against other white people. You say nothing about how we might need to start racially profiling white people outside of NYC and Chicago. Again, you’d be Joe Walsh, whose kids don’t know what it’s like to have a father provide for them.

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Some Celebrities Are Stupid

Russell Brand, Serena Williams, and now Paula Deen. Some celebrities are smart. Some celebrities are stupid. Two of these are celebrities who should shut up

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