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The Church & Single People (Or, The Wrong Way To Handle a Right Thing)

I think that we in American/Western Christianity have made an idol of marriage and family today, so there will be some work needed to understand that a life of celibacy in service to the Lord is just as commendable and honorable as the long-married couple.

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Why I Stayed – My Abusive Relationship (Part 2)

He grilled me about my life choices, ambition, and educational aspirations all before the food came. No answer I gave was good enough and any questions about why this was important was met with “I have my reasons. That’s all you need to know.” He told me that I was lazy on most things…

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Why I Stayed – My Abusive Relationship (Part 1)

Many women wanted his number to keep in touch, but no one got a number, but he got all of our email addresses. Some of us provided resumes to him for potential jobs, but I wanted more. He stopped all contact with the women but emailed me back. I won!

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Fear of Dying Alone

I thought about my frustrations with being single right now. Sometimes I’m good with it, and sometimes I’m like, “Why me, God? Why do THEY get someone when they can’t even maintain an honest relationship with themselves but I believe and have been told I’m a catch and will make someone extremely happy one day…but I get passed over by those who tell me I’m a catch and they go on to find abusive relationships and call themselves happy?” I have a fear of dying alone right now.

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Let(ting) It Gooooo! Let It Go!

No more forgiveness and giving someone a third second chance. No more feeding into a behavior. No more vying for attention that’s not mine to have.


Gays Are Messy – Part 3: Late Life Regrets

Unrestrained, men will sleep with any available hole if they’re horny enough. Actually, if pregnancy, social shame, and potential diseases were not byproducts of sex, I think virtually everyone would be getting it in as much as they could, even in public. I think that people inherently are hos, mostly, and it doesn’t matter your gender or sexual orientation. Some just practice their hoing more than others.

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Interracial Dating: Instructional Tip

This post comes from a personal place. I can speak on interracial dating and relationships because, well, that’s mostly what I’ve done. I’ve only dated


Open Relationships

Ah, the open relationship. Last week a friend of mine wrote a Facebook post stating that he was either considering or already decided to do

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Anderson Cooper’s Boyfriend Caught “Cheating”

So, this happened. Anderson Cooper’s boyfriend Ben Maisani, whom the media is referring to as “hot” (and I’m referring to as “great body, okay face”)

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I went to therapy today just for one little appointment (I go from time to time when I reach a “wall” where I can’t figure

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