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Friday News Wrap-up

Since there is no video this week, let me just write what I was going to include in the show. Anyone know how to use iMovie 10? It won’t play sound when scrolling over the clips when trying to make a new movie.

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Hey, Christians, Hey: Gay Rights

You know, this is crazy, but I started this project/blog as a voice against what I took to be the wrong Christian stance against gay

Keene Point Of View - What I would say if you are gay
Christianity Gay

Church and the Gays

I have been looking for a new church. Lately, something has been missing from my church. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but

France Gay Marriage - Keene Point of View
Christianity Gay Politics

Learn from France, Christians: Gay Marriage

France’s Assembly (their Parliament), today, approved gay marriages and adoptions for France. I am unclear as to whether or not that is enough of if

Gay Politics

When Power of Attorney Ain’t Enough

I have a friend who argued with me once that gays shouldn’t be afforded marriage or marriage rights without calling it something else, such as

Keene Point of View Chuck and Larry
Conservatives Gay Politics

Sue Everhart Is Not So Smart

I read about this story on ThinkProgress and busted out laughing just at the headline. I didn’t read anything else about it, but that article

Christianity Gay Politics

Keene Point of View 03292013

HAPPY GOOD FRIDAY!  This week is just one topic – MARRIAGE EQUALITY! It was the hot topic in the news, so why not piggyback on

Keene Point of View - Environment
Christianity Gay Politics

A Christian’s Call: Caring for the Environment

I did a devotion yesterday and it spoke of caring for the environment. The author spoke of a woman who didn’t feel it was her

HRC Red Keene Point of View
Gay Politics

What’s Next for Gays?

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) is hearing arguments for and against Proposition 8 from California, which banned same-sex marriages after the state

Keene Point of View - Prop 8
Gay Politics

Children: The Case Against Gay Marriage

I was reading this and came across the following quote: Urging the Supreme Court to reverse those rulings, Prop 8’s defenders argue that the state has

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