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Hoes Stay Winning

Special Guest Co-host: Niki (Twitter: @indigogloves) joins me this week. We discuss why states are reopening, LGBT comic book characters, when God lets you down, bum and boo of the week, and hoes stay winning.

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Can Christians Be Sex-Positive?

If God designed sex for enjoyment and procreation, Christians need to change the stance from attacking sex and fearing it to embracing it like God wanted us to do.

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Side-Eyeing Daniele Watts

Daniele Watts, a black actress who was in Django Unchained, was recently detained by police officers in Los Angeles (Studio City) and wrote a Facebook message about it alleging that the cops thought she was a prostitute simply because she was with a white man. But on the 8th day, God made TMZ and the truth.

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Should Gay Christians Be Celibate? NOPE!

If a gay person desires celibacy because of their commitment to God (while waiting for someone or while just waiting for God to call them home years from now), that’s up to them and I support that as a conscious decision. I don’t support celibacy being the only option that remains for a gay person to prove their Christianity just because straight Christians can’t handle a gay person being gay.


Biphobic: What I Am According to Twitter

One of the points of Keene Point of View that I strive for is to treat everyone lovingly. The love may be harsh if you’re a right-wing conservative Christian who is unloving to anyone not like you, but I don’t try to be intentionally offensive…except maybe on video…as a joke…unless you’re Gwyneth Paltrow. (I…she just…”Flames on the side of my faaaace…!”) The last group I’d want to offend is anyone LGBT.


Gays Are Messy – Part 4: Promiscuity

Relationships take time. Relationships take effort. Relationships require levels of vulnerability. Who wants to be vulnerable when you can stop letting yourself feel for someone else who will only wind up hurting you? Who wants to be vulnerable when you might reveal something normally hidden from others and be exploited with it later?

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Harriet Tubman’s Rape Tape

What is funny about making a “sex video” about a real person who existed (Harriet Tubman) and making light of both slavery and Harriet’s plight and work? I love a good parody or satire as much as anyone, and I love all kinds of inappropriate humor (I love American Dad and like Family Guy), but this was neither good, funny, hilarious, nor appropriate. Russell Simmons apologized and said that he “get(s) it,” but he really doesn’t.


Open Relationships

Ah, the open relationship. Last week a friend of mine wrote a Facebook post stating that he was either considering or already decided to do

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How to Lose Me In 10 Days

Gather ’round, youngins, I’ll tell you a tale. A tale of how a woman lost her chance at getting the draws in only ten days.

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