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Conservatives Want To Save America

On the heels of yesterday’s Obamacare enrollment numbers success (!) comes news that the Supreme Court, in a butt-hurt 5-4 ruling, determined that rich people can contribute to politicians without limit.

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5 Reasons Why a Christian Government Is a Bad Idea

I keep reading about how some conservative Christians are active in the Tea Party and other conservative movements to put a 100% Christian government in

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Wild, Wonderfully Contaminated West Virginia

When is enough, enough? When will people realize that in order for capitalism to work correctly, there needs to be a proper balance struck between corporate responsibility and government regulation? ”Government get out of my way,” isn’t a good thing. If the EPA weren’t around, do you think the coal company would have said anything about the spill?

Scandal - Keene Point of View
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Friday News Wrap-up

Since there is no video this week, let me just write what I was going to include in the show. Anyone know how to use iMovie 10? It won’t play sound when scrolling over the clips when trying to make a new movie.

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Hi, Tea Party! So, Now What?

You can’t keep attacking Obamacare. You have to govern…reasonably. You can’t act like a hostage-taker and hope that we all get Stockholm Syndrome. We won’t.


Errybody Freak Out! The IRS “Scandal”

Yesterday, I blogged about Benghazi being one of the worst incidents of SDick Cheney’s career, and today there is another “scandal” brewing because it concerns

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