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I’m Black and My Life Matters

Black lives matter. We have value, purpose, and futures.

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George Zimmerman: Profiting from Pain

My heart goes out to Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton and Trayvon’s brother today. Trayvon would have been 19, which is a lot more mature than George Zimmerman’s life decisions. The lives of black boys and men mean so little in this country. It’s disgusting. Now someone trying to profit from it, which is worse.

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Dear White (and Black!) Americans Who Don’t “Get” Race/ Racism – Halloween Edition

For those who don’t understand, blackface has roots in the minstrel show, which was when white people would put on black face and depict black people as happy-go-lucky, blundering, idiotic, buffoonish caricatures who always had a happy song o’ cheer on their lips, no matter how hard life was for them. Do you get it? Black people were things and not people. This is what you’re subconsciously doing to us again – you’re making us things and not people while you get to go home, take off the makeup, and return to being a full 100% human being.

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Florida Gotta Go!

HRH King Juan Carlos I, Your Majesty, I come bearing a special request. Could you see to it that Spain retakes Florida? Please? On behalf

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Keene Point of View | Episode 27 – George Zimmerman Killed Trayvon Martin

HAPPY FRIDAY! This week: The U.S. Senate avoids filibuster reform and allows a LOT of Obama nominees into top government jobs. Pat Robertson feels that


Can We Give Florida Back to Spain?

Spain, come collect your land, please. Florida has got to go. George Zimmerman got off scot-free for killing an unarmed teenager, Trayvon Martin, after suspecting him of being


Rachel Jeantel: A Real Friend

This is the face of a friend. This is the face of Trayvon Martin’s friend, Rachel Jeantel. When we first met her (Wednesday June 26,

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More On My Trayvon Martin Outrage

I listened to On Point yesterday on NPR and got mad when they were covering the Trayvon Martin case. This woman said that Zimmerman’s voice

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Trayvon Martin Was A Victim of Racial Profiling

I was a victim of it in 2010 (and at other times, but I’m referring to this one incident), but fortunately there was a handgun

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