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Harriet Tubman Wins $20 Bill Poll

It’s past time for women to be recognized officially as Americans as many are indeed important parts of American history. As for Harriet Tubman, slavery happened. Stop trying to shy away from that reality and celebrate the strength and honor that came out of it with a story like Harriet’s.


Black “Respectability” Is a Myth

When will we stop the lie that black people were just more respectable back then? Maybe they were publicly, depending on where they lived, but black people have not always been on the same page with “respectability” just so that we uplift ourselves and white people will like us more


8 Simple Rules for Womenfolk

Bottom line: do what you need to do, women. Great is what you’re meant to be. Go be great. God will be more pleased with that, wherever you choose to be great that still honors Him. Don’t let people like Raylan put you inside of a box…just because she’s probably bitter over how her life turned out.

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